Jerry Nickle
Re: Dan Buck
Mon Jun 10, 2019 2:35pm

Dan you have done some good research and will give you credit for that in a later post. But you missed here. The Pinkerton file stamped “St. Paul July 31 1902” States that SK and ET sailed for Buenos Aries on Feb 20th 1901. It does not state they remained there or BC went with them. You just assumed that. SK went there long enough to deposit the Winnemucca bank loot and then returned back to Utah. The Pinkerton records and newspaper articles state he was involved in the Wagner train robbery on July 3, 1901. They also state he was in Price and Vernal Utah on his way to Baggs Wyoming in July 1901.

The records clearly shown BC did not sail with them. On April 2, 1901 he was in Sonora Texas when Will Carver was killed (Pinkerton). In May 1901 he was in Wilcox Arizona on his way to Globe Arizona ( Pinkerton). He was in Colfax County NM in the summer of 1901 ( French 277). Then you have all the evidence Chris V. has shown with his recently published article. Most of this evidence you have seen but you chose to ignore it. If you have evidence contrary to what I just outlined why don’t you produce it? If there was such evidence it would destroy my story and you have been trying to do that for over ten years.

The UK newspaper article I was referring to was published 7/15/14 in the CUMBRIA CRACK. It was titled “Wild West outlaw Sundance Kid’s descendant visits Penrith”

The UK documentary producer I mentioned was Ray Mears. His documentary was titled “The Wild West with Ray Mears”

  • Re: Dan BuckDaniel Buck, Mon Jun 10 11:38am
    Jerry, Before you get too carried away with "misquoted" and "fabrications," might my 23 Feb 2016 OWR post below be the text you are referring to? I'm not misquoting/fabricating, I'm explaining rather ... more
    • Re: Dan Buck — Jerry Nickle, Mon Jun 10 2:35pm
      • Careful JerryChrisV, Tue Jun 11 7:34am
        When dan gets outdone he goes into flight/fight mode. He might fight you for a little while, but he ALWAYS turns to flight. You wont hear from him for much longer. Always runs when it gets tough
      • Re: Dan BuckDaniel Buck, Mon Jun 10 4:31pm
        Jerry, you done changed the subject on me. Now we're talking about the 29 July 1902 Harry Longabaugh Criminal History and ancillary matters. The reason outlaw historians get paid such handsome fees... more
        • Jerry +1ChrisV, Tue Jun 11 7:27am
          Jerry giving you a good education.
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