Mark A Mszanski
Butch Cassidy and Einstein
Mon Jun 10, 2019 4:19pm

This is sort of a false Narrative on your part . The point is that outlaw's may be shrewd. But they have in fact chosen to be outlaws. Not exactly a smart decision by definition. Considering the times , not exactly a profession which led to an easy life or a long life. Butch and Sundance had only to look at their Friends ( most were incarcerated or dead ) within the confines of 1901 - 1904 . They made bad decisions as a whole. Again, any comparison to Einstein or Hawking is rendered moot.

There is a moral and intellectual difference between getting a particle physics theory wrong and robbing a bank. Or to go further ,, robbing multiple banks when your original intent was to hang low in Argentina . There is also a difference between sending a letter with your address on it to a friend while running from the law and
south of the boarder and supposedly hiding from your captors. These guys also robbed a payroll and and left with a mule branded with the company letters (A) on it One can say they were shrewd. But the mistake they made cost them their lives as well as many hardships and heartaches. If you do not believe they died in Bolivia you can I am sure agree that their decisions negatively impacted their lives for decades.These were not SMART decisions in perspective . So I don't see your comparing mistakes Albert Einstein may have made to the mistakes of BC and SK . Recasting E= MC2 as Einstein took many iterations to get it right versus BC and SK's lives on the run in a complete state of paranoia are not comparable . The bar on Judgement and smart decisions were not part of their fabric .

  • Re: dan buck wrong againChrisV, Mon Jun 10 6:22am
    People make mistakes at some point. Including geniuses such as Einstein, Hawking, Kasparov etc... Butch made mistakes. That doesn't make him generally stupid. It makes him human.
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