The truth hurts
Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:45am


I know it's upsetting to you to see an alternative for copies of SOAM documents passed from person A to person Z that claim BC&SK had to be present in SOAM despite not having any eyewitnesses in 1901. Xerox copies of documents, by the way, is not empirical data.

Chris and I respected the research that has already been done and included this in our article. We have not lead the reader astray but allow the reader to make their own mind. Thank goodness for free choice!

In your critique you only mention newspapers sightings but do not mention how we included many Pinkerton files in our research that makes a compelling case for BC&SK presence in the US in the latter half of 1901.

Of course our thesis is centered around the RR pic-if you assumed this then you really didn't read the article. I guess having the same scar, eyes, etc in the photo as the other two known photos of BC is not enough evidence for those who have tunnel vision so we expanded our research to include outlaw associates and their whereabouts and how some of the men in the RR pic had outlaws as their circle of friends. Throw in Seth Longabaugh living nearby and you get a sense that BC&SK had a great network of people and family who would have protected them. This makes total sense!


  • Your article is unfortunately wrong Mark A Mszanski, Tue Jun 11 5:55am
    Chris - Read your article. I assume this piece was written to prop up your debunked photo of Butch and Sundance being in Utah in 1901. While you support the idea that BC and SK did arrive in... more
    • The truth hurts — neglib, Tue Jun 11 10:45am
    • Love ItChrisV, Tue Jun 11 6:42am
      Mark, I would expect nothing less. Thank you. I never say they are in two places at once. Read it again. I would also suggest you look very closely at the July 18, 1901 doc. Lets see if you can... more
      • Blending in ?- Oh I missed that ( NOT) Mark A Mszanski, Tue Jun 11 7:28am
        Chris - As well, if your basing your case on Seth Longabaugh being twenty miles away your attempting to take a location for a person at a specific point in time and applying a theory as a result.... more
        • Thanks Mark*ChrisV, Tue Jun 11 7:31am
          Sounds good Mark. Maybe you should go take a map....I mean nap
          • Your END notes Mark A Mszanski, Tue Jun 11 11:24am
            Yup - Got em and read them - A few corrections and some observations below - Salt lake City Newspapers reported a guy who was a dry goods clerk named James Ryan was staying at a Salt Lake City Hotel... more
            • Of CourseChrisV, Tue Jun 11 11:32am
              I know I hurt your feelings and embarrassed you. I figured you would try and discredit my endnotes. Let it out Dora, it will be ok.
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