Mark A Mszanski
Your END notes
Tue Jun 11, 2019 11:24am

Yup - Got em and read them - A few corrections and some observations below -

Salt lake City Newspapers reported a guy who was a dry goods clerk named James Ryan was staying at a Salt Lake City Hotel ( must be Cassidy ) - You should have consulted other newspapers in the area before alluding to him being Butch Cassidy as he was a dry goods dealer named James Ryan - Ouch

Seth Longabaugh being 20 miles away form what ? - As proof of Butch Being in the area ? Yikes -

Other End Notes besides third party accounts in Newspapers were --"Oral Stories of San Pete County"??as your well researched end note - Oral Stories ? Really ? -

As far as your stating that the outlaws were not in Argentina you have some of your geo location wrong for 1901 - Maiten and Leleque are the 1901 locations prior to the ranch ( one is 60 miles or so and the other 25 miles ) - I have as others the eyewitness and "notarized "docs for establishing Branding per my previous message as they are in Maiten in July 1901 - You have the evidence and the URL as previous as well end notes from several researchers - You failed to recognize any of those in your write up - But of course sighted Oral Stories as the big GET ??? - Hey to each his own - Good luck with it -
Read your piece - Understand the Narrative and your defense of the photo

- No hard feelings - I get what you wanted to do and why .


  • Thanks Mark*ChrisV, Tue Jun 11 7:31am
    Sounds good Mark. Maybe you should go take a map....I mean nap
    • Your END notes — Mark A Mszanski, Tue Jun 11 11:24am
      • Of CourseChrisV, Tue Jun 11 11:32am
        I know I hurt your feelings and embarrassed you. I figured you would try and discredit my endnotes. Let it out Dora, it will be ok.
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