What about this Urbanite?
Tue Jun 11, 2019 7:04pm

Its the hat....

 photo butch2_zpssx57bb1b.jpg

  • Re: A way Chris may be rightDaniel Buck, Tue Jun 11 5:52pm
    William T. Wilcox aka William T. Phillips looked nothing like Butch Cassidy, nor anything like the lad in the George Edward
    • What about this Urbanite? — ChrisV, Tue Jun 11 7:04pm
    • What about this lad?ChrisV, Tue Jun 11 6:47pm
      It must be the hair haha. What a good looking lad
    • Re: A way Chris may be rightvince garcia, Tue Jun 11 6:13pm
      You're also comparing a skinhead to a guy w/hair. He certainly looked like an older Butch by 1925. If he had a similar hair style, in the early late 90s/early1900s, I don't see why he wouldn't also... more
    • Re: A way Chris may be rightvince garcia, Tue Jun 11 6:08pm
      wait a minute--one of the selling points FOR BP was that he DID look like BC. Remember, he conned actual friends of Butch because he looked like him just walking down the street. As for that photo,... more
      • Re: A way Chris may be rightChrisV, Tue Jun 11 7:01pm
        Ive wondered if Philllips fooled the Parker family in 1925. Then I look at the Philips photos and cant see how family members that knew Butch could be tricked.
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