vince garcia
Re: Bill Phillips
Wed Jun 12, 2019 5:39am

Do we know when he returned west? certainly by 1905

  • Bill PhillipsBob Goodwin, Wed Jun 12 5:33am
    Bill Phillips was nowhere around. By 1900/1901, he was in Michigan visiting family and then on his way to New York where with his carpentry background, and his artist ability ;learned while in... more
    • Re: Bill Phillips — vince garcia, Wed Jun 12 5:39am
      • re:Bob Goodwin, Wed Jun 12 5:47am
        He may have been in Globe, Arizona ca 1908 before his marriage to Gertrude in 1908. When he met Gertrude he was in Michigan trying to find backing to establish his architecture business in Globe. I... more
        • re:Bob Goodwin, Wed Jun 12 6:01am
          Bill Phillips in 1905 was in Des Moines, Iowa in the County jail having just come from Minnesota where he helped in decorating the State Capital building, which opened in Jan of 1905. Phillips is... more
          • re:vince garcia, Fri Jun 14 3:07am
            This would be aug. 7 Could be a different BP, I guess. But that is his part of the world
          • re:vince garcia, Fri Jun 14 3:04am
            Newspaper says he was injured on a coal mine mishap near Kemmerer. How would we know which would be right or explain the two different claims?
            • re:Bob Goodwin, Mon Jun 17 7:06am
              Vince, Sorry I didn't get back with you on this. The William Wilcox that was injured in the coal mine accident near Kemmerer, Wyoming was not William T, Phillips. He was actually William Temple... more
              • re:vince garcia, Tue Jun 18 6:53pm
                Ah, thanks. Good info
              • re:Daniel Buck, Mon Jun 17 7:05pm
                Bob, so Wilcox was actually Phillips, rather than the other way around? Is this something new, that you just figured out, or did we discuss it before? Dan
                • WT PhillipsBob Goodwin, Tue Jun 18 6:24am
                  Dan, Yes we bandied this around several years ago. It is something I have known for years but have never told in full. The short answer is (the long answer would be much longer and detailed) this:... more
                  • Very enlightening Trevor Newland, Tue Jun 18 10:41pm
                    Bob, That certainly gives a much fuller picture of Philips than I ever expected to come across. I have to admit that I was pulled in by Pointer’s original book when it came out because I desperately... more
                  • Re: WT PhillipsDaniel Buck, Tue Jun 18 6:52am
                    Bob, What a tale, Dickensonian in many respects. I wonder, donning my psychiatric hat, if Phillips's childhood, abandoned, shuttled from home to home, had something to do with his later affixing... more
                    • re: WT PhillipsBob Goodwin, Tue Jun 18 10:40am
                      Dan, Dicksonian indeed. Phillips expressed it best in his opening of the Jim Kennedy story referring to himself as "Jim Kennedy" the protagonist : "Life had not been very kind to Jim Kennedy. Left... more
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