Re: Digging Up Book Revision 2019
Wed Jun 12, 2019 10:12am

So childish I found it funny!

  • Digging Up Book Revision 2019ChrisV, Wed Jun 12 6:17am
    I just got this from the Amazon wormhole delivery service. Digging up has a revised 2019 version that has just come out. It has fixed the mistakes from previous editions. It is obviously quite... more
    • Re: Digging Up Book Revision 2019 — Juha, Wed Jun 12 10:12am
    • RE: Digging Up Book Revision 2019Linda Wommack, Wed Jun 12 7:43am
      Mr. Voorhees, I can think of no other reason to share such a nasty, vindictive and tasteless post other than to continue your practice of rank and amateur posts. Is there no end to your nastiness?
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