Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:07am

Gotcha. Gunplay was a bad wanna be outlaw.

I know about the documents being fake. Would that make the entire story made up? Or could it mean someone humped it up with fake documents to add to it? I just find it too odd that Seth is there, Sundance is supposed to be visiting during this time, and the story happens. Im thinking there is some truth there somewhere.


  • re:Bob Goodwin, Wed Jun 12 11:03am
    Yes, the Springville Robbery was the one where Gunplay Maxwell was caught after the robbery.Why either Harvey Logan, or Sundance would have been involved with Maxwell, especially considering the fact ... more
    • Birds of a feathervince garcia, Thu Jun 13 4:18am
      Don't forget the Currie Gang were nothing but post office thieves and rustlers at that point no higher on the chain than Maxwell in 1898 unless you count the brilliant attempt at Belle Fourche as... more
    • re: — ChrisV, Wed Jun 12 11:07am
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