Re: Thanks Anonymous
Wed Jun 12, 2019 5:56pm

Here's some more help. Butch had a very distinct lantern or square jaw. I think everyone will agree to that, no? Your Butch lacks that feature. He appears to be fat faced maybe, but not square or lantern jawed. Also, Butch's ears seemed to be symmetrical, whereas your Sanpete Butch has a left ear that looks noticeably higher than the other.

  • Thanks AnonymousChrisV, Wed Jun 12 5:11pm
    Glad you pointed that out. Thanks
    • Re: Thanks Anonymous — Anonymous, Wed Jun 12 5:56pm
      • Re: Thanks AnonymousChrisV, Wed Jun 12 5:59pm
        Great points. From you expert opinion, did you decide if Otis looks like Robert Leroy Parker or Sundance.
        • Re: Thanks AnonymousAnonymous, Wed Jun 12 6:23pm
          Once again..This so called Butch Cassidy lookalike has more resemblance to Otis the town drunk from the old Andy Griffith show. than to Robert Leroy Parker.
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