Re: Photographers R US
Wed Jun 12, 2019 10:56pm

It's not SD. Only the very point of the chin is similar but differs as soon as we get to the very area of under the lower lip.

  • Photographers R USAnonymous, Wed Jun 12 5:06pm
    This so called Butch Cassidy lookalike has more resemblance to Otis the town drunk from the old Andy Griffith show. than to Robert Leroy Parker.... more
    • OtisBob Goodwin, Sat Jun 15 6:33am
      Well, I think the Sundance guy in the RR picture does look like Otis, Otis Stewart that is, one of the actual railroad section hand crew members. Just my opinion. Now go back to arguing among... more
      • re: OtisBob Goodwin, Sat Jun 15 10:50am
        I was really just going along with the Otis Joke. However, there are three of the sections hands in the Indianola area that look as much like the guy sitting down as Sundance in the railroad photo: : ... more
      • Re: OtisDaniel Buck, Sat Jun 15 9:02am
        Bob, do you have a photo of Otis Stewart handy? This entire exercise reminds me of the Hunters Hot Springs photo controversy. For years the photo was touted -- and still is on eBay -- as depicting... more
        • Hunters Hot Springs photo hoaxDaniel Buck, Sat Jun 15 9:16am
          Details here, https://mywebvault.wordpress.com/2010/12/26/livingston-montana-history-hunters-hot-spring/
    • Re: Photographers R USJerry Nickle, Thu Jun 13 9:46am
      Dan Buck has a lot nerve authenticating photographs when he tries to pass that “Tea Party” photo on the cover of his book as authentic.
      • Re: Photographers R USDave, Thu Jun 13 3:52pm
        See, when I look at the "tea party" photo, I've no doubt that it's Harry Longabaugh sitting there. It looks like every other picture of him in existence. Etta looks like Etta. The Butch in the tea... more
        • Tea Party Photo needs a Magic TrickChrisV, Fri Jun 14 6:34am
          Really. I think most people would disagree. Nose wrong by a mile...not roman. That dark spot that looks like a mustache is actually his lips. Big ol chupacabra lips. Chin not in proportion. Ears... more
          • Re: Tea Party Photo needs a Magic TrickAnonymous, Fri Jun 14 2:50pm
            I don't know what most people think. I know that the grainy, enlarged outdoor picture looks very much like every known photo of Harry Longabaugh. Nose wrong? How? He sure looks like he has a mustache ... more
            • AnonymousChrisV, Fri Jun 14 3:09pm
              Im glad you are happy with it. Im also glad you are comfortable with the the bride of Frankenstein and Hannibal Lecter who are also in the photo. And the cabin....oh the cabin haha
      • Re: Photographers R USDaniel Buck, Thu Jun 13 10:33am
        Jerry, the tea party photo is inauthentic, meaning Ethel was not serving tea? What then? Cafe con leche, tinto, what? Dan
    • Re: Photographers R US — Juha, Wed Jun 12 10:56pm
    • red line feverDaniel Buck, Wed Jun 12 5:25pm
      Red lines are misdirection, the magician's trick -- misdirect the viewer's attention from the reality of what is going on. If you look at the red lines closely on the two Sundance photos and one... more
      • More red lines, my eyes are killing me.Anonymous, Fri Jun 14 3:10pm
        If you compare the three pics with the red lines drawn thru them, the third line from the top goes right thru SK eyes in the first NY studio photo, then under the eyes of mysterious RR hobo Sundance, ... more
      • Word is You have White Line Fever (nm)ChrisV, Thu Jun 13 4:38pm
      • Magician's Trick?Rocky, Thu Jun 13 6:28am
        I had no idea forensic scientists used magician's tricks. I am pretty sure I'd accept their analysis (e. g. in Chris's article) over a claim that it is a trick. Besides, in my opinion, it does look... more
        • Re: Magician's Trick?Daniel Buck, Thu Jun 13 9:08am
          Rocky, The crisis in forensic science, here: https://www.johnlocke.org/update/the-ongoing-crisis-in-forensic-science/ And an excerpt from a separate 2018 report: ======================== Fingerprint... more
          • Magician's Trick?Rocky, Thu Jun 13 8:06pm
            Daniel, Interesting article summing up a single lawyer's report in a conservative think tank website. Am I supposed to believe that police do not use fingerprints anymore? Let alone many of the... more
            • Re: Magician's Trick?Daniel Buck, Fri Jun 14 3:11am
              Rocky, Thanks for reading. Criticism of forensic science and as well the entire criminal justice system is among those rare efforts supported across the political spectrum, from conservative to... more
              • Re: Magician's TrickRocky, Fri Jun 14 9:02am
                Dan, I am sorry I was not clear in my previous response. I have no problem with the conservative or liberal nature of the article. I have a problem with someone using a media article as scientific... more
                • Re: Magician's TrickDaniel Buck, Fri Jun 21 3:08am
                  Rocky, "We need to fix forensics. But how?" Washington Post, 20 June 2019 https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2019/06/20/we-need-fix-forensics-how/?utm_term=.8784299e0973 The writer solicited... more
                  • Re:Magician's TrickRocky, Mon Jun 24 5:14pm
                    Dan, Are you sure you aren't the magician here? I appreciate the article in Scientific American. It's another media piece, regardless of where it was published, Scientific literature is from peer... more
                    • Re:Magician's TrickDaniel Buck, Mon Jun 24 6:29pm
                      "I also did some follow-up with Chris. I find it disingenuous for you to write an article debunking facial recognition and photographic analysis AFTER you had received a copy of the analysis and... more
                • Re: Magician's TrickDaniel Buck, Fri Jun 14 10:00am
                  Rocky, not to put too fine a point on it but people criticizing aspects of forensics are themselves scientists. In fact, one of the major reports was issued by the US National Academy of Sciences.... more
              • We've already been down this road. I told you the lines were done by me. NO MAGIC TRICK. Just the photo the Sanpete Messenger chose to use. From April 18, 2017: Dan, Though not posted in the Sanpete... more
                • no, not forgetting at allDaniel Buck, Fri Jun 14 7:06am
                  Chris, I'm looking at "Photo Comparison," Melissa R. Cooper, 7 November 2016, the report the police sketch artist did for you. On p. 2 is a triptych of photos, two of Cassidy and one of the supposed... more
        • Re: Magician's Trick?Daniel Buck, Thu Jun 13 6:32am
          Forensic science is loaded with tricks, not to mention bogus science, like blood splatter and bite evidence.
      • Sundance in SOAMneglib, Wed Jun 12 5:35pm
        Dan, Does it really matter what you think of the lad and gent in the RR pic? You have them in SOAM anyway. So it's no big deal. Brett
      • Exactly (nm) (nm)Anonymous, Wed Jun 12 5:28pm
        • Re: Exactly (nm) Daniel Buck, Wed Jun 12 5:34pm
          I can see where this is heading. Put Sundance's mustache on the stranger's face, replace the farm hat with a bowler, paste a cutout of Ethel Place at his side, and give him a name tag, "Hello, I'm... more
          • Please sir can we have more red lines? Photo obscura at its best. I’ll be damned. The Sundance Kid was apparently a magician and a shape shifter. That’s the real story here. While Registering Brands... more
          • Thats rightChrisV, Wed Jun 12 5:35pm
            Thats the trick. You figured out my plan LOL Dont sweat it. There in SA.What are you so concerned about?
      • Re: red line feverChrisV, Wed Jun 12 5:26pm
        Magicians trick...yeah ok
    • Otis Vs Sundance Vs ButchChrisV, Wed Jun 12 5:17pm
      Which one looks like Otis...Butch or Sundance. Im confused
      • Re: Otis Vs Sundance Vs ButchAnonymous, Wed Jun 12 5:24pm
        As I said....This so called Butch Cassidy lookalike has more resemblance to Otis the town drunk from the old Andy Griffith show. than to Robert Leroy Parker. The article I linked had some guy's... more
    • I totally agree......neglib, Wed Jun 12 5:15pm
      there is no way it looks like Butch. However it looks a lot like Sundance! Thanks for posting our news article again. Brett
      • Re: I totally agree......Anonymous, Wed Jun 12 5:19pm
        hairline, check....two eyes, check....nose, check....brushy moustache, check....wait, I can't tell if new Sundance has a 'stache or not. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, he fits the criteria... more
        • MustacheChrisV, Wed Jun 12 5:22pm
          RR pic missing his mustache. Lets put it back on
    • Thanks AnonymousChrisV, Wed Jun 12 5:11pm
      Glad you pointed that out. Thanks
      • Re: Thanks AnonymousAnonymous, Wed Jun 12 5:56pm
        Here's some more help. Butch had a very distinct lantern or square jaw. I think everyone will agree to that, no? Your Butch lacks that feature. He appears to be fat faced maybe, but not square or... more
        • Re: Thanks AnonymousChrisV, Wed Jun 12 5:59pm
          Great points. From you expert opinion, did you decide if Otis looks like Robert Leroy Parker or Sundance.
          • Re: Thanks AnonymousAnonymous, Wed Jun 12 6:23pm
            Once again..This so called Butch Cassidy lookalike has more resemblance to Otis the town drunk from the old Andy Griffith show. than to Robert Leroy Parker.
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