Correcting shoddy research makes the tart grow fonder
Thu Jun 13, 2019 8:35am

Thanks Dan. Spot on.

  • Callie Mae Hunt, aka Lillie DavisDaniel Buck, Thu Jun 13 6:19am
    Yet another of the 1901 US sightings of Butch Cassidy mentioned in Voorhees and Freeman's Outlaw Trail Journal article wilts away under a close reading. They write that "according to the Pinkerton's... more
    • Re: Callie Mae Hunt, aka Lillie DavisJerry Nickle, Thu Jun 13 9:08am
      DAN BUCK ď Kelly and Horan assumed Cassidy and Lingabaugh had been in on the July 1901 holdup, but thatís because no one had plumbed the Argentina recordsĒ You have not plumbed the Argentine records... more
      • Re: Callie Mae Hunt, aka Lillie DavisDaniel Buck, Thu Jun 13 9:24am
        Jerry, How's this for Argentine documents establishing that Cassidy and Sundance were in Chubut, Argentina in 1901:... more
        • Re: Callie Mae Hunt, aka Lillie DavisJerry Nickle, Fri Jun 14 8:14am
          Dan Thatís a good start. A few questions: Where did you get this information? Can I go there and get it myself? Instead of Flores testifying to the signature where are the signatures?
          • Re: Callie Mae Hunt, aka Lillie DavisDaniel Buck, Fri Jun 14 10:20am
            Jerry, where did I get what information? The copies of the brand documents are online, at the link I sent you. You can either go on the link and read them, or fly to Argentina and read the originals, ... more
            • Re: Callie Mae Hunt, aka Lillie DavisChrisv, Fri Jun 14 11:47am
              Doesnít make it true. There is an odd needs to this doc u have never mentioned. Look good. In spect.
            • Re: Callie Mae Hunt, aka Lillie DavisJerry Nickle, Fri Jun 14 11:23am
              Dan I was going copy the pages and have my Spanish-speaking friend read them to me. But they will not copy. A lot of the Latin countries are very corrupt like our own Justice dept. If there is an... more
              • Re: Callie Mae Hunt, aka Lillie DavisDaniel Buck, Fri Jun 14 12:47pm
                Jerry, re your all caps warning, "DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING FROM ARGINTA SOURSES." My friends in "Arginta" think you are amusing. Best, Dan
              • Argentine Sources Mark A Mszanski, Fri Jun 14 11:58am
                Actually these are from the magistrates offices as I had validated them sometime back with the poster. ( Like two years ago ) I believe you can as well explore a few of the other SOAM researchers end ... more
                • Poster?neglib, Fri Jun 14 2:47pm
                  What poster? And what do you mean by "validating"? Brett
                  • Archive Digitization Project in Argentina Mark A Mszanski, Wed Jun 19 8:00am
                    Neglib - the documents are actually derivative of a much larger project at the historical archive in Chubut . They scanned over 1500 documents and digitized them for consumption - Preservation of... more
                    • correction 1.5 million documents scanned Mark A Mszanski, Wed Jun 19 11:07am
                      My typo - The actual amount of documents scanned were 1.5 million . So you now have the provenance , the empirical data and the source . Thanks -
                • Re: Argentine Sources Jerry Nickle, Fri Jun 14 2:46pm
                  There are two different sets of conflicting documents. The American documents have been in existence for over a century. They were written from first hand accounts at the time There is this second... more
                • you might contact these people yourselves as wellMark A Mszanski, Fri Jun 14 1:20pm
                  Chris , Instead of sharp shooting everyone and calling them liars which is your MO - Try making a few phone calls , doing a little research on additional authors end notes and validating that which... more
                • Dora giving geography lessonsChrisv, Fri Jun 14 12:07pm
                  Oh man lol
              • Donít believe buckChrisv, Fri Jun 14 11:49am
                You forgot. Youíve got to ck everything the liar puts out there too.
          • Re: Callie Mae Hunt, aka Lillie DavisChrisV, Fri Jun 14 10:06am
            Jerry, The signatures are above the Flores statement. The signatures of Place y Ryan are they give Digby Brand permission to work on their behalf. best, Chris
    • re:Bob Goodwin, Thu Jun 13 7:02am
      Dan, you are expanding your vocabulary using "juicing up", instead of "tarting up." I think using your usual "tarting up," since your post was about Callie May Hunt (Lillie Davis) would have been... more
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