Daniel Buck
Re: Magician's Trick?
Fri Jun 14, 2019 3:11am

Thanks for reading. Criticism of forensic science and as well the entire criminal justice system is among those rare efforts supported across the political spectrum, from conservative to liberal.




The reason facial recognition technology is not featured in recent reports critical of forensic science is not that it's accepted, quite the contrary, but that it's new and still controversial.

There have been innumerable articles in the media recently about problems with facial recognition technology.

More on point, the use, or perhaps better put, misuse of facial recognition technology in purportedly identifying Old West personalities in anonymous antique photographs has come under withering criticism. For example,

You might recognize the author's name. :-)

I should add that the two supposed identification of Cassidy and Sundance in the George Edward Anderson photograph ("Photo Comparison," Melissa R. Cooper, November 7, 2016) relied on imposing vertical and horizontal lines on the faces of the two anonymous men and Cassidy and Sundance. Even a casual look at the lines in each comparison indicates they don't match up. Not even the lines on the two Cassidy and two Longabaugh photos match up.

If one were to take this experiment literally, the 1894 Cassidy mugshot and 1900 Fort Worth Cassidy photo depict two different people, and as well the 1900 Fort Worth Sundance and the 1901 New York Sundance are different people as well.

The line imposition abracadabra was a parlor trick, not science. Dan

  • Magician's Trick?Rocky, Thu Jun 13 8:06pm
    Daniel, Interesting article summing up a single lawyer's report in a conservative think tank website. Am I supposed to believe that police do not use fingerprints anymore? Let alone many of the... more
    • Re: Magician's Trick? — Daniel Buck, Fri Jun 14 3:11am
      • Re: Magician's TrickRocky, Fri Jun 14 9:02am
        Dan, I am sorry I was not clear in my previous response. I have no problem with the conservative or liberal nature of the article. I have a problem with someone using a media article as scientific... more
        • Re: Magician's TrickDaniel Buck, Fri Jun 21 3:08am
          Rocky, "We need to fix forensics. But how?" Washington Post, 20 June 2019 https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2019/06/20/we-need-fix-forensics-how/?utm_term=.8784299e0973 The writer solicited... more
          • Re:Magician's TrickRocky, Mon Jun 24 5:14pm
            Dan, Are you sure you aren't the magician here? I appreciate the article in Scientific American. It's another media piece, regardless of where it was published, Scientific literature is from peer... more
            • Re:Magician's TrickDaniel Buck, Mon Jun 24 6:29pm
              "I also did some follow-up with Chris. I find it disingenuous for you to write an article debunking facial recognition and photographic analysis AFTER you had received a copy of the analysis and... more
        • Re: Magician's TrickDaniel Buck, Fri Jun 14 10:00am
          Rocky, not to put too fine a point on it but people criticizing aspects of forensics are themselves scientists. In fact, one of the major reports was issued by the US National Academy of Sciences.... more
      • We've already been down this road. I told you the lines were done by me. NO MAGIC TRICK. Just the photo the Sanpete Messenger chose to use. From April 18, 2017: Dan, Though not posted in the Sanpete... more
        • no, not forgetting at allDaniel Buck, Fri Jun 14 7:06am
          Chris, I'm looking at "Photo Comparison," Melissa R. Cooper, 7 November 2016, the report the police sketch artist did for you. On p. 2 is a triptych of photos, two of Cassidy and one of the supposed... more
          • You are forgetting something elseChrisV, Fri Jun 14 7:11am
            I gave you that report in confidence. You agreed. By posting information from it makes you a liar and you may be asking for trouble.
            • trouble, trouble here in River CityDaniel Buck, Fri Jun 14 7:20am
              The Melissa R. Cooper report you released to the Utah media is confidential? The world has turned up side down.... more
              • Buck is a LiarChrisV, Fri Jun 14 7:28am
                The information you just spouted came from the report you said you would keep confidential . It did not from the two articles you just posted. Good try.
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