Jerry Nickle
Re: Argentine Sources
Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:46pm

There are two different sets of conflicting documents. The American documents have been in existence for over a century. They were written from first hand accounts at the time

There is this second (forged) Argentina set that conflict with the American set. They magically appears on the scene after Dan Bucks involvement and conveniently supports his narrative.

More research is not required after you recognize the conflicts of 1901.
Why waste time after they are discovered as forgeries unless of you have a false narrative to support.

  • Argentine Sources Mark A Mszanski, Fri Jun 14 11:58am
    Actually these are from the magistrates offices as I had validated them sometime back with the poster. ( Like two years ago ) I believe you can as well explore a few of the other SOAM researchers end ... more
    • Poster?neglib, Fri Jun 14 2:47pm
      What poster? And what do you mean by "validating"? Brett
      • Archive Digitization Project in Argentina Mark A Mszanski, Wed Jun 19 8:00am
        Neglib - the documents are actually derivative of a much larger project at the historical archive in Chubut . They scanned over 1500 documents and digitized them for consumption - Preservation of... more
        • correction 1.5 million documents scanned Mark A Mszanski, Wed Jun 19 11:07am
          My typo - The actual amount of documents scanned were 1.5 million . So you now have the provenance , the empirical data and the source . Thanks -
    • Re: Argentine Sources — Jerry Nickle, Fri Jun 14 2:46pm
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