Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:47pm

What poster? And what do you mean by "validating"?


  • Argentine Sources Mark A Mszanski, Fri Jun 14 11:58am
    Actually these are from the magistrates offices as I had validated them sometime back with the poster. ( Like two years ago ) I believe you can as well explore a few of the other SOAM researchers end ... more
    • Poster? — neglib, Fri Jun 14 2:47pm
      • Archive Digitization Project in Argentina Mark A Mszanski, Wed Jun 19 8:00am
        Neglib - the documents are actually derivative of a much larger project at the historical archive in Chubut . They scanned over 1500 documents and digitized them for consumption - Preservation of... more
        • correction 1.5 million documents scanned Mark A Mszanski, Wed Jun 19 11:07am
          My typo - The actual amount of documents scanned were 1.5 million . So you now have the provenance , the empirical data and the source . Thanks -
    • Re: Argentine Sources Jerry Nickle, Fri Jun 14 2:46pm
      There are two different sets of conflicting documents. The American documents have been in existence for over a century. They were written from first hand accounts at the time There is this second... more
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