vince garcia
Re: Vince Garcia
Fri Jun 14, 2019 4:47pm

Thank you dave. I did not see that post. I don't get updates. Much appreciated. Yes a lot of work but no one had done it before and it needed to be done

  • Vince GarciaDave, Fri Jun 14 4:38pm
    Vince, I posted this below in the Wilcox anniversary thread, but wanted to make sure you saw it. I enjoyed the Wilcox article greatly. I went over to your Wild Bunch timeline page and have spent... more
    • Agreed Dave Mark, Sat Jun 15 5:11am
      Dave ,Vince’s “Timeline” is unique. Of note is Vince will update it if new validated information comes in. Vince has also put together a nice analysis of The 1901 De Young ‘s photo (Taken at 826... more
      • Re: Agreed Dave Juha, Sat Jun 15 11:35am
        Besides, Vince sticks to the facts and timelines unlike ChrisV who is a big girl's blouse.
    • Re: Vince Garcia — vince garcia, Fri Jun 14 4:47pm
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