Daniel Buck
Re: Magician's Trick
Fri Jun 21, 2019 3:08am

"We need to fix forensics. But how?"
Washington Post, 20 June 2019


The writer solicited opinions from scientists, lawyers, judges, and academics.

One of the respondents summarized the situation with expert testimony nicely:

"A. There is a question whether an area is scientific or not?

"B. There is a question whether an expert is indeed an expert in the area in question?

C. There is a question of whether an expert in this area did their job properly (e.g., follow scientific protocols and best practices, etc.).

"Of course, if 'A ' is a 'no ', end of story; but even if 'A' is a ‘yes’, then 'B' or/and 'C' can be a ‘no’. Furthermore, the answer to all the three questions above (A, B, & C) is not a yes/no dichotomy, but a continuum with many shades of gray."

More here,


And this, which I had somehow overlooked when it ran last April, on the media's unfortunate role in glorifying gee-whiz science:


  • Re: Magician's TrickRocky, Fri Jun 14 9:02am
    Dan, I am sorry I was not clear in my previous response. I have no problem with the conservative or liberal nature of the article. I have a problem with someone using a media article as scientific... more
    • Re: Magician's Trick — Daniel Buck, Fri Jun 21 3:08am
      • Re:Magician's TrickRocky, Mon Jun 24 5:14pm
        Dan, Are you sure you aren't the magician here? I appreciate the article in Scientific American. It's another media piece, regardless of where it was published, Scientific literature is from peer... more
        • Re:Magician's TrickDaniel Buck, Mon Jun 24 6:29pm
          "I also did some follow-up with Chris. I find it disingenuous for you to write an article debunking facial recognition and photographic analysis AFTER you had received a copy of the analysis and... more
    • Re: Magician's TrickDaniel Buck, Fri Jun 14 10:00am
      Rocky, not to put too fine a point on it but people criticizing aspects of forensics are themselves scientists. In fact, one of the major reports was issued by the US National Academy of Sciences.... more
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