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Rogue Du Jour - Brack Cornett
Fri Oct 9, 2009 8:09pm

Brack Cornett (1859-1888)

Brack was the co-leader of the Whitley/Cornett Gang, he robbed banks and trains in southwest Texas in the late 1880's.
Brack Cornett was born and raised in Goliad County, Texas. As a young man, he joined forces with Bill Whitley and the two formed a gang that was very successful in their robbery endeavors for a couple of years. In June of 1887, the gang robbed a train near Flatonio, Texas, making off with about $600 in money and $1000 worth of jewelry from passengers. The next year, the gang robbed a bank at Cisco, Texas, making off with close to $25,000. Within a few days,the gang struck again, robbing the International-Great Northern Railroad. This time their haul was estimated at $20,000.They were able to escape clean once again.
As is usually the case when you keep robbing folks, they get a mite irritated. So when the gang headed out to rob the Southern Pacific train out of Harwood, Texas, on September 22, 1888, they found a posse waiting for them on board. The outlaws took exception to this and fled.
The gang was finally trapped by U.S. Deputy Marshals a few days later on September 25, 1888. In the inevitable gunfight, Bill Whitley was killed and another gang member was taken prisoner. Brack Cornett was able to escape and fled to Arizona. However, one brave Texas Ranger, Alfred Allee, doggedly pursued Cornett to Frio, Arizona. When Ranger met Outlaw, gunplay erupted once again. When the smoke cleared, Cornett was dead.

    • Good one, Leah.K.t.K., Sat Oct 10 9:22am
      Some of these names are too good to be true. My favorites used to be Bermuda Carlyle and Pony Deal. Now I'm not so sure! Kenny
      • NamesLeah, Mon Oct 12 9:51pm
        I agree, some of those names are just to good. I've always liked Pink Higgins (I believe was the last name) and of course Pony Deal. Anyway, I am really happy that you enjoyed it. Leah
    • Thanks, LeahJames Wright, Fri Oct 9 8:11pm
      "TEXAS,BY GOD!"
      • A Rogue Du Jour,Leah, Fri Oct 9 8:18pm
        That has both a Texas outlaw AND a Texas Ranger in just has to be good.
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