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sweet grass hills massacre
Sun Jan 10, 2010 6:36pm

Hi Kenny,
My novel does contain facts about the Nakoda (Assiniboines) who were massacred by Tom Hardwick at the Sweet Grass Hills, but that is only a part of it of course. I have included many of the ceremonies etc but was pulled up right quick when I put too much information in. Telling secrets can get you killed, I was told. Yikes. There went a lot of the story. But never mind, I got on with the job at hand.
I also wrote, translated and illustrated a children's book in the Nakoda language and am awaiting the SICC to get their act together to publish it. They have lots of money for meetings etc, but ....old story, I guess.
The follow up to Blood on the Buffalo Grass is what I am working on now, and continues on. It has Hardwick as a main player again. (I just love him) LOL
I need as much info on him as possible as I want to weave a believable account of his actions, even if I stretch the limits a bit.
My novel is fiction, but based on as many facts as possible. For instance in the one I am working on is 20 years later and I have Hardwick in Deadwood as sheriff, and need the dates he was there as deputy to give it some credence.
If I can't get the info I will have to wing it, but dates etc would be handy to add at the end of the book. Any info would of course be accredited to the giver.
anyhow, nice to chat with you. I have been following your posts.
Sally..oh, my "handle" - "Bone Woman" was given to me by a band in Courtney, B.C. as I carve moose antlers and leg bones. The kids named me and it stuck. It is not my Spiritual name.

  • Wow! Very interesting.K.t.K., Sun Jan 10 4:19pm
    You have much practical experience relating to frontier times. It should be helpful for your novel. Evidently "Blood on the Buffalo Grass" is about the Blackfeet, but its a novel? Sweet Grass Hills... more
    • HardwickDorman Nelson, Tue Jan 12 7:20am
      Howdy, Tom Hardwick was as hard a man that interacted with the frontiersmen and women and business folks back east. He was lifetime friends with Skakel, who owned gambling places in Chicago. They... more
      • Re: HardwickK.t.K., Tue Jan 12 6:20pm
        Thanks Dorman. This fits right in with my Deadwood research, regarding a powerful Chicago influence which moved right in to occupy key mining and gambling interests. Also a couple of hotels. They... more
        • Hardwick and gunmen and gamblersDorman Nelson, Tue Jan 12 6:55pm
          Howdy Kenny, During the 1860s and onward, monied people found it was easy to pay and produce gunmen from the west. Most feared nothing, were travelers, wanted money, found it easier and a toot to go... more
          • Hired gunsK.t.K., Wed Jan 13 7:15am
            Yes, this was the case with Charley Storms right near Deadwood. He fell in with (or was sought out by)a Chicago-based mining outfit. As was not uncommon, there was a property dispute with the... more
    • sweet grass hills massacre — bonewoman, Sun Jan 10 6:36pm
      • Re: sweet grass hills massacreK.t.K., Sun Jan 10 9:24pm
        Sally Bone Woman. You get more interesting with every post. During my first research trip to Montana (2002) I met a young gal in Miles City who was full-blooded Sioux. Given the fact that I knew very ... more
        • emailbonewoman, Sun Jan 10 11:50pm
          Yes please email me. I would be very grateful, and like I said, you would get a mention. Assiniboine Sioux are Nakoda, and they live on several reserves in Canada, Carry The... more
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