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Michael F. Blake
Tom Horn: Guilty or Not?
Fri Nov 14, 2008 12:59

Last night I was watching Steve McQueen's flawed TOM HORN. A revised bio on him, recently released, mentions this film could have been a spectatcular epic, but the studio (Warner Bros.) cut the budget.

Anyway, I remember when I did a TV pilot with the film's director, William Wiard (think I spelled it right) and he asked me if I came away from the film that Horn was set-up. I said, yes and he was happy, as that was their intent. I thought I'd ask: how many of you think that Tom Horn was set-up for killing Willie Nickels?

Michael F. Blake

Horn: "What's that?"
Coble: "It's a lobster."
Horn: "I'll be darned. Never ate a bug that big before."

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