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James Wright
Thanks, Jeff
Tue Dec 30, 2008 13:39

A little Tim story...
Back on New Year's Eve, 2000, tIM AND SEVERAL OF US SAT UP ONLINE MOST OF THE NIGHT, WAITING TO SEE IF LL THE BAD THINGS PROPHESIED FOR THE 2000 mark happened. Talked a lot of history too, and had a few toasts. Just another good memory of old times, with Tim.


  • HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! (nm) Jeff Smith, Fri Dec 26 16:08
    • Happy New Year to all of you also Carol, Fri Jan 2 08:57
      Thanks for sharing the memories! Tim's mom comes to his board almost daily to read something that Tim has posted...'to keep him close'. While I knew of some of the things you recall, most of them are ... more
      • Thanks Carol, perhaps... Jeff Smith, Fri Jan 2 12:38
        Thanks Carol, perhaps if Tim's mother is willing, she might wish to communicate with a few of Tim's board friends. If she has not already seen them, there are two memorials, that I know of, for Tim... more
    • Thanks, Jeff James Wright, Tue Dec 30 13:39
      • Hey, James... Jeff Smith, Tue Dec 30 13:52
        Yeah, I keep running into bits of history that I wish I could talk about with Tim. Jeff Smith
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