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Thanks Jeff
Sun Feb 1, 2009 22:28

That is a great marker! I always enjoy (if that is the right word??) stones that reflect the person they memorialize. My Dad's has a B-29.


  • Tim's marker... Jeff Smith, Sun Feb 1 21:35
    Carol sent these wonderful photographs of Tim's marker perfectly set under a tree. You just know he is smiling.
    • Carol...Tim's Tombstone..... OldWestHistory.Net, Mon Feb 2 17:38
      is a true reflection of his life. Well done... Thanks for the photos. We placed one of the images at the bottom of Most Respectfully, Gary S. McLelland
      • Carol, Mon Feb 2 19:29
        I like the home page. Very appropriate "those who have turned in their guns..." He was very proud to have been a part of all of this.
    • Very nice. Thanks, Jeff. (nm) Martha Fanning, Mon Feb 2 11:53
      • tOO MY VERY DEAR FRIEND!! CAPNKADO, Mon Mar 30 02:54
        martha,manny time you come across my mind and in conversation's on the boat,when we are fishing!!What a wounderfull time it was that you held my hand,those times in the middle of the nite,when... more
      • Too the Lovely!Martha Fanning,,, Curlybill/capnkado, Fri Feb 20 03:30
        I was moseying,Down the trail of,Old ust'a bee's!!and came across yahh handle on the threads.God bless you love!!We go back some time and I allways remember the great stories and timkes we spent on... more
    • Thanks Jeff Jen, Sun Feb 1 22:28
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