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Too the Lovely!Martha Fanning,,,
Fri Feb 20, 2009 03:30

I was moseying,Down the trail of,Old ust'a bee's!!and came across yahh handle on the threads.God bless you love!!We go back some time and I allways remember the great stories and timkes we spent on the board's tagether.Hard ta find love some of those we rode tagether some time ago!!YYou were good ta me,And a love I will not forget,You introduced me to some of the indian nations,And the kids that need help and I try ta keep up with them at all times,I often wonder what ever happened ta the pegger,and he kids?Once in a while I get a message from the tribe there,and do my best ta send the kids a ducket or two!!God bless yahhhh love!!Im at the same address,,call ifin yahh want or get a chance,,talked ta the K.T.K.,on the land line and we laughed about the old days,,I mentioned that we go back some time and he thought that was great,He too loves yahh,,Imagin that??We laughed and we both said when she gets a bounty on her head??Whitch one of was gonna bring yahhh in!!Love yahhh dear,,Happytrails all there,Captain/Curlybill,,,out!!

  • Very nice. Thanks, Jeff. (nm) Martha Fanning, Mon Feb 2 11:53
    • tOO MY VERY DEAR FRIEND!! CAPNKADO, Mon Mar 30 02:54
      martha,manny time you come across my mind and in conversation's on the boat,when we are fishing!!What a wounderfull time it was that you held my hand,those times in the middle of the nite,when... more
    • Too the Lovely!Martha Fanning,,, Curlybill/capnkado, Fri Feb 20 03:30
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