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Wed Mar 4, 2009 18:10

Would anyone be able to tell me more about the phrase "Three cheers and a tiger"? The tiger bit has me stumped.

    • Three cheers and a tiger Joe Roman, Wed Mar 18 08:45
      from: Handy Book of Literary Curiosities by William S. Walsh As to the origin of this word in the phrase " Three cheers and a tiger," the following explanation has been given. In 1822 the Boston... more
      • Thank You so much Joe. Leah, Wed Mar 18 13:51
        That is great information. I was able to track the basic meaning online but was unable to get any history on it. I was reading the book "Tale Of Two Frontiers" and Three Cheers and a Tiger was a... more
      • Good find. (nm) Jeff Smith, Wed Mar 18 13:27
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