Mon Mar 30, 2009 02:54

martha,manny time you come across my mind and in conversation's on the boat,when we are fishing!!What a wounderfull time it was that you held my hand,those times in the middle of the nite,when carilyn was passing,,you and I came across manny good stories and you were the one!!!Allways that made them come out!!For those that also read this message,,,,,,On the threads tonight!!!!Allways know you ride with and speak with one of the nices lady,s,,and one of the greates soul's god gave anyone you will ever come across,,,,She is,,, ask and you will recieve and will show you where ta go in western history,,,,Don't ever let her go!!!Martha,You will be in my heart and soul till my last ride!!!There was a great guy,,,,He said as he left his audience as he allways,,,,Said!!!Goooood nite Martha Fanning,,Where,Ever you are!!!Captain,Kado!!!The old curlybill,,,,God bless you love!!

  • Very nice. Thanks, Jeff. (nm) Martha Fanning, Mon Feb 2 11:53
    • tOO MY VERY DEAR FRIEND!! CAPNKADO, Mon Mar 30 02:54
    • Too the Lovely!Martha Fanning,,, Curlybill/capnkado, Fri Feb 20 03:30
      I was moseying,Down the trail of,Old ust'a bee's!!and came across yahh handle on the threads.God bless you love!!We go back some time and I allways remember the great stories and timkes we spent on... more
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