Hi, Carol...
Mon Apr 20, 2015 12:44

Hello, Carol.

It is very good to hear from you! I come back here every-so-often to make sure all is well. Any glitches you see are from changes by the host, who over time have updated their editor, which sometimes causes issues with pages.

I heard about Legends and Lies, but have not seen it yet. I can imagine Tim enjoying something like that very much. I know he would be happy to see how far I've come with my projects. I miss talking to him.

Jeff Smith

  • Legends and Lies Carol Lopp, Sun Apr 19 21:05
    Thanks Jeff. Was watching Bill O'Reilly's Legends and Lies tonight. Made me think about Tim and how he would have LOVED to watch this in the making. I went out to www.oldwesthistory.net to see what... more
    • Hi, Carol... Jeff Smith, Mon Apr 20 12:44
      • Addendum Jeff Smith, Mon Apr 20 12:53
        Hi, Carol. I was able to remove some of the glitches after-all! Yea me! Lol. Jeff Smith
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