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Troy Bastrova
Sun Oct 11, 2009 00:46

A pair of cold grey eyes scanned the scene before him. At every table there were different groupings of various students laughing and playing but those that caught his eyes the most were the couples. They were almost sickening in their happiness to him at this moment in time with their giggles of delight that scorched his very soul.

Troy had been scorned and it had never happened to him before. Girl's hearts were easily won, they were for the most part so fickle that dating was no more strenuous that buying something from honey dukes. He was still too young to fall in love or any of that nonsense that his sisters seemed so obsessed with but Talora...he liked her. She was different from the girls he had been with before and he had enjoyed the feeling of freedom he had when he was with her. He didn't feel under pressure to play up to his princely role. Now that freedom had been snatched from him and by one of his own friends.

His eyes fell on the form of his fellow student who even now was laughing like it didn't matter. He had seem them together, Leo and Talora, by the lake. That was their place, their place dammit. Well, two could play at that game. Yes they could indeed.

He singled out the only girl in the room that he wanted to see right now and gave her his most winning grin. He made his way over to her with a determined stride and made sure that the place in the middle of the hall where they met was directly in Leo's line of sight.

"Grace," he murmured, grinning. "You have very pretty eyes today," with that he leant forward and without even so much as a glimmer of hesitation he locked his lips with hers in a soft but passionate kiss.

    • What?!Grace, Sun Oct 11 01:03
      She had caught Troy's eye from the other side of the Dining Hall. THe couples she was doing her best to ignore. After the wedding, it was like they were popping up everywehere. If shed known where... more
      • ReactionTroy and Leo, Sun Oct 11 01:50
        Troy chuckled as she pulled back and licked his bottom lip, stroking his chin. He put his hands in his pockets and grinned at her. "Not the reaction I was expecting, pretty eyes," he admitted slyly.... more
        • Show themGrace, Sun Oct 11 02:03
          She listened to his explination and while she missed the growl a twitch on the left side of her upper lip gave much the same impression when he mentioned that girl's name. In spite of herself she... more
          • AnotherTroy, Sun Oct 11 02:35
            He leant forward and whispered into her ear, peering over her shoulder as he did so. A smug smirk crossed his face as Leo looked furious and stormed from the hall. "Another one wouldn't hurt," he... more
            • g'bye and HelloGrace, Sun Oct 11 02:40
              "Sure thing handsome." She said and kissed him breifly on the cheek in thanks " I'll catch you later." She walked out of the hall, wit her suual quick steps and once ther took on a sorta of cantor in ... more
              • KnifeLeo, Sun Oct 11 14:45
                Leo turned to her as she ran to catch up with him. His eyes locked on hers in a look of pure and utter hatred. The last person in the world he wanted to see right now was Grace and yet here she was,... more
                • I thoughtGrace, Sun Oct 11 14:52
                  She flinched a bit at the anger in his voice. He'd been angry before, but this time it seemed like a bad idea to pretend to shrug it off. She licked her lips and choose her words carefully, only to... more
                  • PresentLeo, Sun Oct 11 14:57
                    Leo ground his teeth together, trying to resist the urge to pull out his wand and use every single one of the hexes they had practised together on her. "Yeah..." he started slowly, his dark brown... more
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