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An Invitation
Sat Oct 17, 2009 14:09

Alexandria held in her hand a most triumphant piece of parchment. Scrawled across the neatly folded page in a cursive hand was her mother's permission to bring her new boyfriend to the New Years Eve ball at her Grandparent's home in st Petersberg. It was a victory for the young Princess as not one Bastrova ever had been able to bring along a guest at such a young age. Even her mother had not been allowed to intend until she and her father had married. Troy had tried many times but even as the favourite he'd never been allowed. Alexandria saw it as a mark of approval of the young man whom she had chosen to attend with her.

Her footsteps echoed as she came into the entrance hall where Van was waiting for her. She hadn't told him that she had asked but she was more than excited to be revealing such a wonderful outcome to him now. The letter had not been won easily she was sure and no doubt when she returned home her mother would be waiting with a long and arduous list of what she'd had to do to obtain it.

Abbigale and Nicholai had been in the papers more and more of late, La Sorciere was ripe with tales of their escapades as the Royal Couple made their way back into the headlines together. When they had first become a couple, many years ago, there had been the same media frenzy. Abbigale had been practically unknown whereas they had tracked Nicholai down every where he went to comment on what the young Prince had been doing at any particular moment. That had changed as they became an established couple and journalists were ringing on the doorbells day and night to ask about their wedding plans. The pictures of Troy had been front page news for weeks and then the twins but after that...they had become almost separate entities. Never seen together and interviews with Nicholai's parents attempted to damn the Princess but Nicholai had never let them say anything against her. Their love had been rekindled and Abbigale had felt no fear as she entered the drawing room of the Grand Duchess.

The Grand Duchess had looked at her with the same disdain she always had as she read aloud the letter than her daughter had sent to her. Which daughter didn't matter, it never really had, what mattered was the request. The Grand Duchess had been sceptical, as ever, and had only been persuaded by the quality of the person. Mesko was a good name and Alexandria had made a good choice in the young Van. After much negotiation eventually permission had been given and now Alexandria would have the triumph.

"I have a surprise for you," she giggled, wrapping her arms around his neck in greeting. Her golden hair shimmered in perfect curls around her shoulders and the crystal heart pendant sparkled at her throat. Unfolding the parchment she passed it to him. "You have been officially invited the Romanov New Year's Eve ball," she grinned with her own sense of achievement. Van knew how hard it was to gain an invite to the Royal Ball and would be able to appreciate the importance of such an honour.

    • the honorVan Mesko, Sat Oct 17 14:39
      Van had been waiting for Lexie in the Dining Hall. When he saw her he grinned as she wrapped his arms around her neck. It wasn’t often that she would show such affection and he adored it and thanked... more
      • ThanksLexie, Sat Oct 17 16:29
        Alexandria blushed a little as he brushed her cheek lightly with a kiss and giggled. This was like a crowning glory on her first term at Aelcrest. Babooshka and Dadushka would be so proud of her. "Oh ... more
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