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Van Mesko
the honor
Sat Oct 17, 2009 14:39

Van had been waiting for Lexie in the Dining Hall. When he saw her he grinned as she wrapped his arms around her neck. It wasn’t often that she would show such affection and he adored it and thanked her by placing a kiss on her cheek. “Hello Darling.” He greeted as she told him about the surprise.

Van looked down at the parchment his eyes shining with a bit of greed and pride. An official invite to the Romanov New Year’s Eve Ball, oh how wonderful his older sisters would be insanely jealous. They had always wanted to go, of course his parents the Lord Vladimir and Lady Trina Mesko had always attended the New Year’s Eve Ball, he wondered if they even knew he was invited yet. They would be pleased as these turn of events, his father would say that sending him to Aelcrest Manor had paid off after just three years.

He looked up at Lexie and grinned. “Ah my darling, how ever did you manage this? My own sister’s haven’t even been allowed to attend yet!” He laughed as he pulled her closer and kissed both of her cheeks “Miss. Bastrova you honor me by having me invited. I must say I’m immensely impressed with you.”

Van laughed once again then rubbed his cheek. “How ever should I thank you darling?” He asked with a smile. He knew another expensive gift was in order but what he could not decied. So far he had given her a bag, a necklace, and matching earrings. But he would need something bigger then all of that to thank Lexie for the honor of the invite.

  • An InvitationLexie, Sat Oct 17 14:09
    Alexandria held in her hand a most triumphant piece of parchment. Scrawled across the neatly folded page in a cursive hand was her mother's permission to bring her new boyfriend to the New Years Eve... more
    • the honor — Van Mesko, Sat Oct 17 14:39
      • ThanksLexie, Sat Oct 17 16:29
        Alexandria blushed a little as he brushed her cheek lightly with a kiss and giggled. This was like a crowning glory on her first term at Aelcrest. Babooshka and Dadushka would be so proud of her. "Oh ... more
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