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Sat Oct 17, 2009 16:29

Alexandria blushed a little as he brushed her cheek lightly with a kiss and giggled. This was like a crowning glory on her first term at Aelcrest. Babooshka and Dadushka would be so proud of her.

"Oh my darling! You are quite welcome! Did you see the part about the Grand Duchess dying to meet you? It's simply too good to be true! No thanks necessary, just be prompt. Babooshka does not like lateness," she winked as she looped her arm with his and they made their way to the train.

  • the honorVan Mesko, Sat Oct 17 14:39
    Van had been waiting for Lexie in the Dining Hall. When he saw her he grinned as she wrapped his arms around her neck. It wasn’t often that she would show such affection and he adored it and thanked... more
    • Thanks — Lexie, Sat Oct 17 16:29
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