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Sally James
Mon Oct 19, 2009 22:05

Sally hadn't really wanted to go home for Christmas that year. The lawns around Aelcrest were wild with the untamed beauty of Winter, layering the grass in folds of glistening snow and sending frosty shivers up the spines of the bare trees. However, her Dad had written and she had been forced to return to Hertfordshire. As beautiful as her home was, a small farmhouse on the edge of a great estate, surrounded by trees and rolling hills, it didn't feel like home any more. Not that being away from the stupid disease that had gripped the Manor wasn't a relief.

In the run up to Christmas she had spent more and more time with Sasha. It had been an unpredictable friendship boring out a mutual hatred for everything B. Sally had been trying, with limited sucess to make her new friend see that Aaron Willoughby was the opposite of what she wanted. Kai may be be lost to her but there were plenty of others out there, all better than Aaron. Of course, Sally had not admitted that she was being slowly dragged into the pure blood's charm to herself let alone to Sasha.

Christmas came and went without excitement, it was merry though. Her Dad was a funny man and she knew he had been lonely with no one else to keep him company. They had only ever had each other for as long as she could remember. When the time came to return to school she was almost reluctant to leave him on his own again, but he wouldn't have let her stay just for him anyway.

In the hall the Christmas decorations had been pulled from the walls and the frosty new term started with an equally frosty speech from Blackwell. Sally took the opportunity, once the meal was over, to catch up with Sasha and see if she had true to her word - not to think about Aaron Willoughby - over the Holidays.

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