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Mon Oct 19, 2009 23:17

She smiled, and there wasn't anything even secretive about it. "Welcome." she said. " I went lloking al around for soemthing to buy for Christmas presents and I jsut couldn't find anything. Then we went to my Poppa's, he lives off in the States, and we were looking around all the little shops in the museum he works at and it was just kinda hiding there and " she stopped, realizing she was rambling. The resolution was apparently making her stupid. "Thought you'd like it." she finished. "I- I even made a bookmarker for it with the little machiene they have there. Paid extra fr the glitter. "

  • Re: PackagesLeo, Mon Oct 19 23:06
    Leo nodded slowly and some what suspiciously. "I got something unusual," he told her, though something told him that he didn't need to tell her that...he stopped there. His own thoughts were far too... more
    • Presents — Grace, Mon Oct 19 23:17
      • GlitterLeo, Mon Oct 19 23:40
        "Oh yeah, I got the bookmark," he grinned scathingly at her. The glitter hadn't come out of his sheets no matter what spell he'd tried to covertly get his Dad to use on them. "Pink isn't really my... more
        • Best. Present. Ever.Grace, Tue Oct 20 00:09
          She took it just as covertly and very uncovertly tore the wrappings off. , grinning like she'd never gotten a single gift in her entire life. There in her arms was a little pillow in red fluffy... more
          • YeahLeo, Tue Oct 20 00:14
            "Yeah, well. Just something for practice, you know," he grinned again. It was getting awkward, all this grinning and the sides of his cheeks were beginning to hurt with the effort. "We'll get started ... more
            • Of course. Grace, Tue Oct 20 00:34
              She pocketed the little pillow and her hand stayed there to make sure it didn't just vanish afterwards. "Course I'm free." she told him, with a playful nudge. "What do you think, I go around holding... more
              • PangLeo, Tue Oct 20 02:05
                That was weird. That odd little pang that had come and gone just like that. He frowned a little and then once he was sure it was gone continued on like nothing had happened. "How do I know I'm not... more
                • Maybe, Maybe not!Grace, Tue Oct 20 02:21
                  " Maybe I do." she said, adjusting her resolution slightly. This was all in fun, like she did with Troy wasn't it? Not real bad teasing. She leaned close enough that the tips of their noses barely... more
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