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Mon Oct 19, 2009 23:31

Orion shot a wicked little grin in his direction. "Well, I'm even younger than you, you know," she winked at him. "Of course I'll my room...sleeping...," lowering her voice and casting a sneaky glance around, "I'll totally be there dude," she assured him grinning, nudging his shoulder playfully.

  • NaturallyRandy, Mon Oct 19 23:12
    He'd accepted the hug but was glad for how quickly she'd accumulated to the three- second rule. Otherwise it would have been awakward. Thoughts of that were forgotten however with talk of the... more
    • Well..duh — Orion, Mon Oct 19 23:31
      • expected who?Randy, Mon Oct 19 23:39
        He laughed and elbowed her slightly "That's the way." he told her. "I'm gonna have to amke sure to save you a dance then. Or should I be expecting to talk Quidditch with Boyce again?" he raised an... more
        • BoyceRi, Mon Oct 19 23:43
          "Ha!" the laugh rang out across the Hall making a distinctive echoing sound. Everything was silent for a minute as everyone looked around to see who or what had made the noise. she giggled quietly... more
          • First and last Randy, Tue Oct 20 00:27
            " Do I ever?!" he said. " You need to be first last and only. I can promise you the first and the last, but come on, you know you can't be my only. Your brother would totally kill me otherwise and... more
            • OnlyRi, Tue Oct 20 01:52
              "I'll be satisfied with just the first," she grinned at him. "Buuut," she began again, lowering her voice just slightly, "what Leo doesn't know won't hurt him," glancing over to where Leo was handing ... more
              • destroyRandy, Tue Oct 20 02:38
                She tapped him on the nose and he gave her a friendly shove. She hopped off the table and punched him in the shoulder. That was the way things worked and he was fine with it. Certainly He and Ri got... more
                • StalkerRi, Tue Oct 20 02:46
                  "I'll just look for the boy stalking my shadow," she grinned at him, "You'll be there." With a last wink she bounded off, passing Bradley on the way and giving him a much harder punch in the arm as a ... more
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