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Maybe, Maybe not!
Tue Oct 20, 2009 02:21

" Maybe I do." she said, adjusting her resolution slightly. This was all in fun, like she did with Troy wasn't it? Not real bad teasing. She leaned close enough that the tips of their noses barely touched. " You'll certainly never know, will you?" She moved and whispered in his good ear "Cause it's a secret."

She shoved him lightly and, smiling left the table for her room.

  • PangLeo, Tue Oct 20 02:05
    That was weird. That odd little pang that had come and gone just like that. He frowned a little and then once he was sure it was gone continued on like nothing had happened. "How do I know I'm not... more
    • Maybe, Maybe not! — Grace, Tue Oct 20 02:21
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