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Tue Oct 20, 2009 03:25

He blinked at her outburst. Could have sworn she had told him she loved Thai food. It must be from the sickness. He'd heard illnees ycould do things to a person's appetite.

The Pit was of couse his favorite. But they'd been away a while and she probably wanted someplace that wasn't super croweded, So , though his pocketbook would ache like mad the next day he agreed "Blackmoor Inn. Sounds great."

  • BobSophie, Tue Oct 20 03:11
    Sophie's muscles twitched slightly at the mention of the place. Her skin suddenly prickled with guilt and pleasure all at the same time and she wondered where Ted was right now. "No!" her outburst... more
    • Oooookay — Mattia, Tue Oct 20 03:25
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