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Kaspar O'Conner
After flight
Thu Oct 22, 2009 20:47

Kaspar walked into the dining room the cold air and soaring above the sky had calmed his head. Of course now it was almost curfew and he had missed dinner all because of the damned Alexandria Bastrova. He prayed Professor Shoney wasn’t waiting to get him from hexing the damn pureblood girl. He felt bad about it but she deserved it he wasn’t nothing he wasn’t a mudbood. His father was a muggleborn and his mother well she couldn’t have known about his mother, no one knew.

His hair was windblown and his stuff was still in the corridor but he was hungry. He would risk breaking the curfew to get his stuff later on after he ate. He plopped down at the table and instantly a large bowl of macaroni and cheese appeared. He picked up the fork and began to scarf the food down, once it was empty he set down the fork and more appeared. For some reason he couldn’t fill his stomach after flying. His father said it was because of all the magic it took but Kaspar thought it would be from how physical it all was.

He heard a cough behind him and he closed his sliver eyes as he turned around expecting to see one of the heads ready to throw him in detention. Instead he saw the golden haired girl and he dropped his fork staring at her.

    • Hungry?Alexandria, Thu Oct 22 22:33
      Lexie had only come to the hall for some water. Van, of course, had offered to get it for her, but she needed peace and quiet. He had been clinging onto her ever since they returned from Russia and... more
      • UnarmedKaspar, Thu Oct 22 22:45
        She greeted him as if they are friends; he bit his lip and stared at the bowl of mac and cheese wishing it to turn to bugs or something that would gross out Alexandria. “Go away.” He said he didn’t... more
        • ConfusionAlexandria, Thu Oct 22 22:54
          "I haven't seen you since before the holidays!" Lexie told him with a confused look spread across her pretty features. She had no idea what he meant when he said he didn't want to repeat what... more
          • Leave...Kaspar, Thu Oct 22 23:19
            Kaspar jumped up and away from her as he shook his head. “No, no. I saw you this afternoon! I hexed you earlier. I don’t want your excuses. No one was around earlier and yet you called me nothing, a... more
            • NoLexie, Fri Oct 23 00:59
              "I'm going anywhere until you see sense!" she said more firmly. "I think I would remember if you had hexed me, especially if it had only been this afternoon. For one moment can you..." her rant was... more
              • DifferentKaspar, Fri Oct 23 01:05
                Kaspar sighed and looked at her trying to glare but he couldn’t he liked her golden hair. He was bit taller but not much. He liked when she pouted but the fact was she had no right to be angry. “You... more
                • Invisible BarriersLexie, Fri Oct 23 01:24
                  As he turned his head she knew that he wasn't as angry with her as he wanted to be. she flinched as the word mudblood passed his lips - Anastasia had obviously been in a particularly bad mood that... more
                  • The eyesKaspar, Fri Oct 23 01:33
                    She looked straight into his eyes and he gasped a bit. The eyes earlier had been blue cold hard blue, while hers were grey, beautiful soft grey. He nodded slowly. “It wasn’t you at all.” He... more
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