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Thu Oct 22, 2009 22:54

"I haven't seen you since before the holidays!" Lexie told him with a confused look spread across her pretty features. She had no idea what he meant when he said he didn't want to repeat what happened earlier...when she hadn't seen him since their meeting in the Village. They didn't exactly run in the same circles and she was sure that she would have seen him if he'd been there. she could hardly take her eyes off him as it was.

A sickening feeling began to form at the back of her throat. There was only one way he could have seen her without her seeing him. Anastasia. Kaspar didn't know that there were two Bastrova Princesses and he certainly wouldn't know how to tell the difference between them. Instead of leaving, as she had been told, she slipped gently into the seat beside him and held his gaze.
"So, you've met my twin," she told him with a sigh. It sounded like a really bad excuse.

  • UnarmedKaspar, Thu Oct 22 22:45
    She greeted him as if they are friends; he bit his lip and stared at the bowl of mac and cheese wishing it to turn to bugs or something that would gross out Alexandria. “Go away.” He said he didn’t... more
    • Confusion — Alexandria, Thu Oct 22 22:54
      • Leave...Kaspar, Thu Oct 22 23:19
        Kaspar jumped up and away from her as he shook his head. “No, no. I saw you this afternoon! I hexed you earlier. I don’t want your excuses. No one was around earlier and yet you called me nothing, a... more
        • NoLexie, Fri Oct 23 00:59
          "I'm going anywhere until you see sense!" she said more firmly. "I think I would remember if you had hexed me, especially if it had only been this afternoon. For one moment can you..." her rant was... more
          • DifferentKaspar, Fri Oct 23 01:05
            Kaspar sighed and looked at her trying to glare but he couldn’t he liked her golden hair. He was bit taller but not much. He liked when she pouted but the fact was she had no right to be angry. “You... more
            • Invisible BarriersLexie, Fri Oct 23 01:24
              As he turned his head she knew that he wasn't as angry with her as he wanted to be. she flinched as the word mudblood passed his lips - Anastasia had obviously been in a particularly bad mood that... more
              • The eyesKaspar, Fri Oct 23 01:33
                She looked straight into his eyes and he gasped a bit. The eyes earlier had been blue cold hard blue, while hers were grey, beautiful soft grey. He nodded slowly. “It wasn’t you at all.” He... more
                • What keeps us apartLexie, Fri Oct 23 02:18
                  She shook her head slightly and tucked a stray golden curl behind her ear. She hated being called Alex by anyone else but him and in anyone else's voice it would sound so wrong, so common. Rolling... more
                  • DetentionsKaspar, Fri Oct 23 12:50
                    Kaspar smiled and looked at her. “Well if your sister has anything to do with it I’ll be spending the rest of term in detention.” He frowned. He had never had detention before and didn’t like the... more
                    • Unsaid Lexie, Sat Oct 24 03:25
                      Lexie knew that the real reason she spoke to him was something she could never reveal, not to him. The whole idea of seeing his eyes in her dreams before she had even met him was too weird, even for... more
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