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Thu Nov 12, 2009 08:43

Ted had wandered in. He had just won big on a bet and intended to collect, before he started selling. A voice ppeared behind him and he turned, keeping his face as business like as possible.

He furrowed his brow and looked as though her were flipping through his shcedule in his mind.

"I have time Thursday, after Charms. Late afternoon. Or we could always do an evening session, if you think that'd be better. Working by starlight's supposed to be good for you after all." he winked covertly.

  • LessonsSophie, Thu Nov 12 08:11
    Mattia squeezed her hand under the table and she smiled at him. She'd unwillingly been caught in some sort of unofficial Quidditch meeting with the Eagles and instead of trying to leave she had just... more
    • Schedule — Ted, Thu Nov 12 08:43
      • No TimeSophie, Thu Nov 12 09:01
        "I can't do Thursday afternoon," she lied on purpose, gazing at him with her crystal blue eyes. "But I can do Wednesday evening..." she trailed off. He was making this very easy for her, too easy,... more
        • What I do for youTed, Thu Nov 12 09:08
          "Naturally. Where else could we study?" Ted answered, his mind already coming up with other options. "But Wednesday evening..." he thought about it, as if it were a complicated spell. " I'll have to... more
          • Dont Let Me DownSophie, Thu Nov 12 09:24
            She had to hide her sly smile as he asked where else they could possibly study. Sophie had a million places in mind, though none of them particularly practical for Transfiguration practice. She... more
            • Never everTed, Thu Nov 12 17:12
              "Have I ever teach?" he said, then made a face as he remembered "Second thought, don't answer that. I won't let you down teach. I'll be the best and hardworking student you've ever had. Promise." He... more
              • Out goes one....Mattia, Thu Nov 12 17:19
                Soon after Teddy Boy left, Mattia came up and wrapped his arm around Sophie's shoulders "I hope you bartered for soemthing good." he told her. "If Ted's selling you something then you must be rely... more
                • In comes anotherSophie, Thu Nov 12 17:42
                  Sophie watched Ted leave, a sense of excitement about the coming study session where she was sure there wouldn't be any studying going on. Then something wrapped around her shoulders and she jumped.... more
                  • WorkforceMattia, Thu Nov 12 18:16
                    "Oh yeah sure." Mattia said with a wave of his hand "Big name stuff. Working with spells asnd making sure they're safe for the masses or some stuff. Boring if you ask me, but rteally god pay. How... more
                    • You would?Sophie, Thu Nov 12 18:26
                      She turned, eyes wide, grabbing the front of his shirt in sheer delight. "You would do that? You would honestly do that for me? Mattia..." she smiled at him, not knowing the words to describe how... more
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