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A Ball
Mon Nov 16, 2009 10:29

Alexandria turned to her sister and despite their differences they both had an identical gleam in their eyes.

"A ball!" Lexie whispered with excitement. "Darling," she turned to Van who was sitting on the other side of her, "how utterly divine! Finally an occasion worthy of our status! I must begin planning my outfit at once!" Lexie pulled out a small notepad from the Chanel clutch that Van had given her some months before and began writing a detailed list of ideas for what she would wear in her neat, loopy handwriting. "What shall you wear my darling? It will be utterly gorgeous if we match," she turned to him.

  • Announcement:Plans for the termProfessor Drizzle Shoney, Sun Nov 15 20:20
    As dinner time seemed to be the only time when the school gathered all together, it was this time that it had been decided to make the announcement. Therefore, once the meal was over and the students ... more
    • The StrainSigismund Steinsson, Thu Dec 3 00:22
      Sitting quietly in the corner, quelling his urges to ask the kitchen for a nice raw t-bone, Siggy was only slightly impacted by the announcement. Still unsure of his tenure at Aelcrest, debating if... more
      • Nobody Knows ItCora Corrington, Fri Dec 11 18:42
        Cora had to grab hold of Kaspar's arm as she shook in laughter. They were huddled together on the other side of the room enraptured with the latest development in what seemed to be the ever on going... more
        • Cornered by CoraSigismund Steinsson, Mon Dec 14 00:50
          Taken by surprise, Sigismund turned on a dime, finding himself eye to eye with Cora. "Oh hello, no rush I suppose. Just heading back to my room to study... You know, holidays, exams.. such.."... more
          • Only For MeCora, Wed Dec 23 02:04
            Cora's eyes watched his carefully as he tried to talk himself either in or out of something, she wasn't quite sure. He looked troubled none the less and her sensual nature called her to reach out and ... more
            • The WildSigismund Steinsson, Fri Dec 25 00:51
              The winter winds cut through Steinsson's thick skin, his hair prickling with the goose pimples that now dotted the landscape of his body. He pulled his cloak tight, but left his hand intertwined with ... more
              • It Lives In Me, It Lives In YouCora Corrington, Fri Dec 25 16:54
                There was something both beautiful and dangerous about the world in winter. How the harsh bite of the frost could invigorate the senses and yet the slightest misplaced foot could send you down into... more
                • The Siren Song of NatureSigismund Steinsson, Sun Dec 27 01:49
                  Her hand clutching his, Sigismund couldn't help but flood his senses with every intoxicating aspect of her natural aura. She gave him her explanation of her 'parent's evening situation', and before... more
                  • The Realm of the BeastsCora Corrington, Sun Dec 27 11:45
                    Cora flitted through the currents around him as he changed form, circling around his changing body but always staying closer. Her hair floated like tendrils in the water as he settled in the form of... more
                    • The Growing ColdSigismund Steinsson, Sun Dec 27 22:10
                      Sigismund climbed from the water, shaking his fur dry in a houndlike manner. Now fully transformed, his spine was arched and twisted--- and he walked strangely on two legs, his arms--- now twisted... more
    • Without hanging aroundAaron, Sun Nov 29 17:25
      Aaron, surrounded by a gaggle of girls at the Balgren table smiled lazily. In normal circumstances, he would have absolutely waited until the last minute to select the girl whom he would make the... more
      • A blushing acceptanceSasha, Sun Nov 29 17:30
        Sasha blushed furiously. Aaron Willoughby had asked her...her! to the Masquerade Ball. Was it a joke? She glanced round, but all eyes were on her and as Aaron winked, she felt the envious glances of... more
        • In passingSally James, Sun Nov 29 18:18
          Sally didn't pay much attention to the talk of a Ball. She heard what sounded like the perfect excuse for the Bs to get together and show off just how rich they were and nothing beyond that. Well,... more
          • The belle of the ballSasha, Sun Nov 29 19:03
            "Oh Sal," Sasha looking up was still a mass of confusion and amazement. She did look very pretty at this moment, she seemed to be glowing with happiness, the smile refused to die and lots of Balgren... more
            • LuckySally, Sun Nov 29 19:14
              "Lucky him," she frowned. It was one thing to say that Sally disliked Aaron Willoughby, far closer to the truth to say she despised the sight of him. Though ever since that day that Sasha had been... more
              • Every girl's dreamSasha, Sun Nov 29 19:28
                "Sal," Sasha widened her eyes, "he'll hear you," she whispered, turning away from the table where Aaron still lounged looking rather amused by all the fuss. "He broke up with Cal ages ago, at least I ... more
                • RefusalSally, Sun Nov 29 20:21
                  "I think he already knows how much I hate him," Sally replied bluntly. "It makes no difference to me if he's listening or not. Her eyes gazed over to where Aaron was lounging like the smug git he... more
    • A what now?Orion, Mon Nov 16 20:37
      "What did he say?" she asked, plonking herself beside Alasan having crawled the length of the Dining Hall to her seat, trying to avoid being picked out by Professor Blackwell. Dinner may be nearly... more
      • A partyAlasan, Mon Nov 16 20:48
        “Long practice?” Alasan asked as Orion sat next to her ignoring her questions for a moment as she took a bite out of her food. After she finished chewing she looked over at Orion and grinned. “He... more
        • Again...a what now?Orion, Mon Nov 16 21:40
          "You have no idea babe. Max caught me on my broken hand, he regrets it now though," she grinned, taking a long slurp of her juice. "Ha! Well we all know what my parents are going to say," she... more
          • I would think soAlasan, Tue Nov 17 11:58
            Alasan laughed when Orion said that Max regretted getting her broken hand. “My parents won’t say much, though my mom is going to freak when she finds out I’m on a Quidditch team.” She grinned and... more
            • Anything the boys do we can do betterOrion, Tue Nov 17 19:04
              "Why wait around for them?" Orion looked at her friend with her head tilted to one side, as if examining something very odd. "In fact, if we waited around for the boys we'd be waiting around for... more
              • What for?Thom, Tue Nov 17 19:37
                He'd been trying to figure out the Arithemantic table Evangeline had let him borrow when something concked him hard. He turned, and found himself facing Ri. She called out a question to him and he... more
                • The Go-to Dude for DressesOrion, Tue Nov 17 19:46
                  "Apparently girls have to wear dresses! Can you believe it? Where the hell am I going to get a dress? Does your sister have anything...wait silly question. Do you know where I can get one?" she... more
                  • OutfittersThom, Tue Nov 17 20:02
                    He looked over adn where the B boys usually sat, he couldn't see Troy at the moment but he was hard to tell around all those flirty looking girls. "Yeah I'll ask him" he assurred her. And I htink I... more
                    • You seeOrion, Tue Nov 17 22:30
                      "You see," Orion turned back to Alasan with a grin on her face, finishing off the last of her dinner. "Easy as pie. You got a boy in mind then? You know that you hope will ask you?" she nudged Alasan ... more
    • A Ball — Lexie, Mon Nov 16 10:29
      • AhhVan Mesko, Mon Nov 16 10:38
        Van had barely heard Lexie talk about her outfit or his. ‘Papa was coming here?’ He thought biting his lip, this would not be a good thing at all. Papa would find something wrong with every... more
        • Midnight ThemeLexie, Mon Nov 16 10:48
          "I was thinking of something simple but elegant," she began as Van settled in to listen. Her long explanations about outfits she was going to wear, had worn in the past and even ones she was wearing... more
          • Very niceVan, Mon Nov 16 10:56
            As Lexie discussed her dress Van appeared to be listening but he was actually thinking about papa coming. He was nervous to say the least but he would have Lexie with him so it would make it a bit... more
            • Bare MinimumLexie, Mon Nov 16 11:01
              "The dress is already the centrepiece so the mask will be excessively simple." Taking out here sketching pencil once again to draw a very simple mask in deep blue and detailed in gold. "One must not... more
              • Nice darlingVan, Mon Nov 16 11:09
                Van nodded at the mask and smiled. “Very nice my little bilini, always so creative.”He said with a nod. “Well my dearest it seems you have it all planned out.” He took a sip of his pumpkin juice and... more
                • Hm?Lexie, Mon Nov 16 11:17
                  "Hm?" she turned to him. In the excitement of the ball she had completely glazed over any thing else. "Oh I feel nothing at all," she said honestly. "Mother went to Hogwarts so she knows fine well... more
                  • yes yesVan, Mon Nov 16 11:24
                    Van frowned at least Lexie had two other people to take the pressure off of her. “Well both my parents attended Drumstrang and it’s only me here so I do worry what papa will say but then again your... more
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