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Very nice
Mon Nov 16, 2009 10:56

As Lexie discussed her dress Van appeared to be listening but he was actually thinking about papa coming. He was nervous to say the least but he would have Lexie with him so it would make it a bit more bearable. When she handed him the sketch he looked down at it and smiled. “It’s very nice my dear, I am sure I can find something to match that.” He said as he handed back the sketching. “What about your style of mask though?”

  • Midnight ThemeLexie, Mon Nov 16 10:48
    "I was thinking of something simple but elegant," she began as Van settled in to listen. Her long explanations about outfits she was going to wear, had worn in the past and even ones she was wearing... more
    • Very nice — Van, Mon Nov 16 10:56
      • Bare MinimumLexie, Mon Nov 16 11:01
        "The dress is already the centrepiece so the mask will be excessively simple." Taking out here sketching pencil once again to draw a very simple mask in deep blue and detailed in gold. "One must not... more
        • Nice darlingVan, Mon Nov 16 11:09
          Van nodded at the mask and smiled. “Very nice my little bilini, always so creative.”He said with a nod. “Well my dearest it seems you have it all planned out.” He took a sip of his pumpkin juice and... more
          • Hm?Lexie, Mon Nov 16 11:17
            "Hm?" she turned to him. In the excitement of the ball she had completely glazed over any thing else. "Oh I feel nothing at all," she said honestly. "Mother went to Hogwarts so she knows fine well... more
            • yes yesVan, Mon Nov 16 11:24
              Van frowned at least Lexie had two other people to take the pressure off of her. “Well both my parents attended Drumstrang and it’s only me here so I do worry what papa will say but then again your... more
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