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Again...a what now?
Mon Nov 16, 2009 21:40

"You have no idea babe. Max caught me on my broken hand, he regrets it now though," she grinned, taking a long slurp of her juice. "Ha! Well we all know what my parents are going to say," she giggled. "Way to much detention, way too much Quidditch...not enough studying. What can you do?" she asked, taking a bite out of her bread roll. "Masquerade Ball. That's with the masks and dresses yeah?" she said the word dresses and pulled a face. "Does this mean we have to do that asking for dates stuff?"

  • A partyAlasan, Mon Nov 16 20:48
    “Long practice?” Alasan asked as Orion sat next to her ignoring her questions for a moment as she took a bite out of her food. After she finished chewing she looked over at Orion and grinned. “He... more
    • Again...a what now? — Orion, Mon Nov 16 21:40
      • I would think soAlasan, Tue Nov 17 11:58
        Alasan laughed when Orion said that Max regretted getting her broken hand. “My parents won’t say much, though my mom is going to freak when she finds out I’m on a Quidditch team.” She grinned and... more
        • Anything the boys do we can do betterOrion, Tue Nov 17 19:04
          "Why wait around for them?" Orion looked at her friend with her head tilted to one side, as if examining something very odd. "In fact, if we waited around for the boys we'd be waiting around for... more
          • What for?Thom, Tue Nov 17 19:37
            He'd been trying to figure out the Arithemantic table Evangeline had let him borrow when something concked him hard. He turned, and found himself facing Ri. She called out a question to him and he... more
            • The Go-to Dude for DressesOrion, Tue Nov 17 19:46
              "Apparently girls have to wear dresses! Can you believe it? Where the hell am I going to get a dress? Does your sister have anything...wait silly question. Do you know where I can get one?" she... more
              • OutfittersThom, Tue Nov 17 20:02
                He looked over adn where the B boys usually sat, he couldn't see Troy at the moment but he was hard to tell around all those flirty looking girls. "Yeah I'll ask him" he assurred her. And I htink I... more
                • You seeOrion, Tue Nov 17 22:30
                  "You see," Orion turned back to Alasan with a grin on her face, finishing off the last of her dinner. "Easy as pie. You got a boy in mind then? You know that you hope will ask you?" she nudged Alasan ... more
                  • Umm...errAlasan, Wed Nov 18 02:30
                    Alasan bit her lip looking down at her food for a moment, Troy flashed in her mind but he was probably taking one of his fanclubbers and he was just a friend to her, besides that no boys stuck out in ... more
                  • From Hannah with luvsThom, Wed Nov 18 02:10
                    As Ri turned bacck to Alasan, Thom turned to Georgia. He did a quick breath heck and stood up straight and and said. "Hi. Georgia right? I'm Thom. You don't rememberme...or know me really, but you... more
                    • Darling HannahGeorgia Derby, Wed Nov 18 09:56
                      "Oh Hannah! Darling, your pronunciation is so singular I hardly recognised the name!" Georgia looked the boy up and down and blinked a few times just to make sure she was seeing correctly. He was in... more
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