You see
Tue Nov 17, 2009 22:30

"You see," Orion turned back to Alasan with a grin on her face, finishing off the last of her dinner. "Easy as pie. You got a boy in mind then? You know that you hope will ask you?" she nudged Alasan in the shoulder.

  • OutfittersThom, Tue Nov 17 20:02
    He looked over adn where the B boys usually sat, he couldn't see Troy at the moment but he was hard to tell around all those flirty looking girls. "Yeah I'll ask him" he assurred her. And I htink I... more
    • You see — Orion, Tue Nov 17 22:30
      • Umm...errAlasan, Wed Nov 18 02:30
        Alasan bit her lip looking down at her food for a moment, Troy flashed in her mind but he was probably taking one of his fanclubbers and he was just a friend to her, besides that no boys stuck out in ... more
      • From Hannah with luvsThom, Wed Nov 18 02:10
        As Ri turned bacck to Alasan, Thom turned to Georgia. He did a quick breath heck and stood up straight and and said. "Hi. Georgia right? I'm Thom. You don't rememberme...or know me really, but you... more
        • Darling HannahGeorgia Derby, Wed Nov 18 09:56
          "Oh Hannah! Darling, your pronunciation is so singular I hardly recognised the name!" Georgia looked the boy up and down and blinked a few times just to make sure she was seeing correctly. He was in... more
          • Like Ri...but a girlThom, Thu Nov 19 00:37
            Thom made a show of looking around as if trying to find someone who looked close enough. "Weel,she's a bit short, reall dark wild hair like. big old eyes..." he found Ri and pointed her out. "Oh,... more
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