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A blushing acceptance
Sun Nov 29, 2009 17:30

Sasha blushed furiously. Aaron Willoughby had asked her...her! to the Masquerade Ball. Was it a joke? She glanced round, but all eyes were on her and as Aaron winked, she felt the envious glances of tens of Balgren eyes upon her. It was true. The most desirable, simply the most eligible man in the whole entire school had just asked her to the ball.

Not Calliope. Not Victoria. Not Lacey. But Sasha.

Her mouth felt parched and she as she opened her lips she feared no sound whatsoever would emerge. She managed a whisper.

"I'd love to Aaron thanks," she said and blushed again, quite unable to hide her flaming cheeks and little thinking that Aaron actually thought she had never looked more lovely in her embarrassment, so different from the coolness of the other Bs.

  • Without hanging aroundAaron, Sun Nov 29 17:25
    Aaron, surrounded by a gaggle of girls at the Balgren table smiled lazily. In normal circumstances, he would have absolutely waited until the last minute to select the girl whom he would make the... more
    • A blushing acceptance — Sasha, Sun Nov 29 17:30
      • In passingSally James, Sun Nov 29 18:18
        Sally didn't pay much attention to the talk of a Ball. She heard what sounded like the perfect excuse for the Bs to get together and show off just how rich they were and nothing beyond that. Well,... more
        • The belle of the ballSasha, Sun Nov 29 19:03
          "Oh Sal," Sasha looking up was still a mass of confusion and amazement. She did look very pretty at this moment, she seemed to be glowing with happiness, the smile refused to die and lots of Balgren... more
          • LuckySally, Sun Nov 29 19:14
            "Lucky him," she frowned. It was one thing to say that Sally disliked Aaron Willoughby, far closer to the truth to say she despised the sight of him. Though ever since that day that Sasha had been... more
            • Every girl's dreamSasha, Sun Nov 29 19:28
              "Sal," Sasha widened her eyes, "he'll hear you," she whispered, turning away from the table where Aaron still lounged looking rather amused by all the fuss. "He broke up with Cal ages ago, at least I ... more
              • RefusalSally, Sun Nov 29 20:21
                "I think he already knows how much I hate him," Sally replied bluntly. "It makes no difference to me if he's listening or not. Her eyes gazed over to where Aaron was lounging like the smug git he... more
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