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Every girl's dream
Sun Nov 29, 2009 19:28

"Sal," Sasha widened her eyes, "he'll hear you," she whispered, turning away from the table where Aaron still lounged looking rather amused by all the fuss.

"He broke up with Cal ages ago, at least I am quite sure he did. But the point is," she murmured low into her friend's ear. "He asked me! Me! I never expected him too, but you surely wouldn't expect me to refuse? Who would? Even you probably wouldn't refuse Aaron Willoughby for all that you hate him so much." She grinned slyly at Sally.

  • LuckySally, Sun Nov 29 19:14
    "Lucky him," she frowned. It was one thing to say that Sally disliked Aaron Willoughby, far closer to the truth to say she despised the sight of him. Though ever since that day that Sasha had been... more
    • Every girl's dream — Sasha, Sun Nov 29 19:28
      • RefusalSally, Sun Nov 29 20:21
        "I think he already knows how much I hate him," Sally replied bluntly. "It makes no difference to me if he's listening or not. Her eyes gazed over to where Aaron was lounging like the smug git he... more
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