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Cora Corrington
Nobody Knows It
Fri Dec 11, 2009 18:42

Cora had to grab hold of Kaspar's arm as she shook in laughter. They were huddled together on the other side of the room enraptured with the latest development in what seemed to be the ever on going drama amongst those oh so high and mighty pure bloods that were the Bs. "I think her mother must have been a horse..." she giggled and then, from across the hall she saw Sig from the corner of her eye. Her smile lit up, always delighted to see her friends and then it fell. He looked at her and then looked away, slouching from the hall looking for all the world like he had so many things left unsaid. She squeezed Kaspar's hand and pecked him on the cheek before going after Sig.

"Hey," she smiled at him as she caught up with him in the entrance hall. "What's the rush?"

  • The StrainSigismund Steinsson, Thu Dec 3 00:22
    Sitting quietly in the corner, quelling his urges to ask the kitchen for a nice raw t-bone, Siggy was only slightly impacted by the announcement. Still unsure of his tenure at Aelcrest, debating if... more
    • Nobody Knows It — Cora Corrington, Fri Dec 11 18:42
      • Cornered by CoraSigismund Steinsson, Mon Dec 14 00:50
        Taken by surprise, Sigismund turned on a dime, finding himself eye to eye with Cora. "Oh hello, no rush I suppose. Just heading back to my room to study... You know, holidays, exams.. such.."... more
        • Only For MeCora, Wed Dec 23 02:04
          Cora's eyes watched his carefully as he tried to talk himself either in or out of something, she wasn't quite sure. He looked troubled none the less and her sensual nature called her to reach out and ... more
          • The WildSigismund Steinsson, Fri Dec 25 00:51
            The winter winds cut through Steinsson's thick skin, his hair prickling with the goose pimples that now dotted the landscape of his body. He pulled his cloak tight, but left his hand intertwined with ... more
            • It Lives In Me, It Lives In YouCora Corrington, Fri Dec 25 16:54
              There was something both beautiful and dangerous about the world in winter. How the harsh bite of the frost could invigorate the senses and yet the slightest misplaced foot could send you down into... more
              • The Siren Song of NatureSigismund Steinsson, Sun Dec 27 01:49
                Her hand clutching his, Sigismund couldn't help but flood his senses with every intoxicating aspect of her natural aura. She gave him her explanation of her 'parent's evening situation', and before... more
                • The Realm of the BeastsCora Corrington, Sun Dec 27 11:45
                  Cora flitted through the currents around him as he changed form, circling around his changing body but always staying closer. Her hair floated like tendrils in the water as he settled in the form of... more
                  • The Growing ColdSigismund Steinsson, Sun Dec 27 22:10
                    Sigismund climbed from the water, shaking his fur dry in a houndlike manner. Now fully transformed, his spine was arched and twisted--- and he walked strangely on two legs, his arms--- now twisted... more
                    • War Makes Children Of Us AllCora Corrington, Mon Dec 28 03:11
                      The forest was a haven for the beast. Here she could see him more attuned with the earth he was so closely connected to. The beast in the woods was different to the animal in the water. In the depths ... more
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