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Josh Trevett
Fri Dec 11, 2009 19:18

Josh raised his eyebrow at John and chuckled under his breath. He put his fork down and threw his napkin on top of it, turning around in his seat to face their fellow Quidditch player. They were not on the same teams but off the pitch boys were boys. That much would always be true.

"Alright then," he grinned, finishing the last bite of his sandwich. "Who is this girl? I'm not congratulating you until you tell me who she is. Princess is she? The Bastrova girls are a bit young for you Max..."

  • CongratulationsMax Bradbury, Fri Dec 11 18:31
    Max strutted into the the Dingin Hall and plopped himself down at the table neaxt to Joshau Trevett and John Beck. "All right, come on,. You guys know you have to congratualte me now right? I have... more
    • Skeptical — Josh Trevett, Fri Dec 11 19:18
      • "A princess?!" Max laughed. "I am Max Bradbury. I can do better than Princesses. I have . " He looked toward the table of the Ladies B. H enodded in the direction of Victoria Parker who dazzling her... more
        • A Few Bs short of a HiveJosh, Fri Dec 11 20:22
          Josh glanced over to the table where the Bs were sitting in a little huddle, no doubt talking about something girly. He didn't really want to get into it. There was a smile waiting for him over there ... more
          • InviteesJohn, Wed Dec 23 17:46
            " I got my eye on Lousie, unless she starts asking me first. You know how she is. But if not here" he shrugged "It's not that big a deal. This school's got plenty to go around. Willoughby can't take... more
            • That git over thereKai Katini, Fri Dec 25 15:41
              "No he can't, he's taking Sash," Kai said darkly, eyeing the Balgren table with a far from friendly eye. "Bastard," he added and took a swig from his butterbeer bottle.
              • Plenty More FishJosh, Fri Dec 25 19:40
                Josh took another look and patted Kai on the back with sympathy. "Hey, c'mon Kai. There are plenty of pretty girls out there. More than plenty in fact," he nodded, eyeing the room. There were... more
                • Guy talkKai, Fri Dec 25 19:50
                  "Yeah whatever," Kai said glancing round. "I dunno what's wrong with me, maybe they're all like drop dead, I guess I'm just not seeing it, or not in the mood or something." He paused and then leaned... more
                  • The HottiesMax, Fri Dec 25 20:05
                    "Aww yeah!" he let out enthusiastically. "I mean, not that I would be caught dead diggin' on Brad's bird but..." he trailed off in a low whistle. "Hardy girl though? Cute but she's on my team! Brad... more
                    • Name those namesKai, Fri Dec 25 20:13
                      "Yeah like who?" Kai asked and swivelled his glance over to the Weir table. He considered the prospective candidates, but although he could still of course appreciate the sex appeal of a hot body or... more
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