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The Derby Family
Wed Dec 23, 2009 22:48

Georgia watched as her Uncle's car pulled up the long driveway of Aelcrest Manor. His car was among many as parents flocked to the school to assess how well it was educating their off spring. It was not the reason for Evander Derby's visit. Georgia quickly made sure she was presentable as the intimidating man approached. He looked her up and down with a snarl, his walking cane thudding heavily on the paving slaps as he walked ahead of her without a word. Georgia sighed but followed her Uncle inside in a similar silence.

Evander glared around the hall, a snarl permanently curling his lip and even more so when he came face to face with Shoney. "You there," he said without a hint of respect in his voice. Georgia's eyes squeezed shut and hoped he wouldn't say anything to get her expelled, that was the last thing she needed right now. "Tell me where I can find the person responsible for this disgraceful shack you call a school," he growled and she hung her head in her hands.

Despite appearances, Georgia was much fonder of her Uncle than of her parents. They were not dead but she pretending them to be so, blood traitors that they were. When Prophecy had risen to power they had agreed to follow her and when she disappeared they turned their backs on her like cowards. They were shunned from society for agreeing to pay the Ministry handsomely for their freedom. Georgia hadn't been able to live with the shame and had applied to her Uncle for his guardianship over her. Evander, having absolutely no care for the child what so ever hadn't been too keen but he understood her want to break free of the constraints of dirty blood. He had taken her in and together they had disowned her parents, much to their dismay. What had been done could not be helped. Evander eyed the strange man and tapped his cane on the floor impatiently.

  • Circling the crowdsHeadmaster Drizzle Shoney, Wed Dec 23 18:58
    There was something about that rule. Teachers must sit on one side of the table and parents the other. He didn't hate it per se, but it really was quite annoying. Hardly the proper way for parents... more
    • Unworthy — The Derby Family, Wed Dec 23 22:48
      • IntroductionsPorf. Shoney, Wed Dec 23 23:28
        He smiled at the man before him. "Ah, good evening and you are" he looked around and noticed the embarassed looking third-year. "ah, yes, you are Miss Derby's guardian. I am Professor Shoney, one of... more
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