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Porf. Shoney
Wed Dec 23, 2009 23:28

He smiled at the man before him. "Ah, good evening and you are" he looked around and noticed the embarassed looking third-year. "ah, yes, you are Miss Derby's guardian. I am Professor Shoney, one of the Heads of this school, but as Miss Derby is a proud member of Balgren House, what you will want to do is head over to Hadmaster Rose's table over there" he waved his hand in the general direction "As it is however, he's rather busy at the moment, but I'm sure any questions you have of a general nature I would be more than glad to answer. Can I get you something to drink?"

  • UnworthyThe Derby Family, Wed Dec 23 22:48
    Georgia watched as her Uncle's car pulled up the long driveway of Aelcrest Manor. His car was among many as parents flocked to the school to assess how well it was educating their off spring. It was... more
    • Introductions — Porf. Shoney, Wed Dec 23 23:28
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