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Jael and Devon Grace
Hardly charmed
Thu Dec 24, 2009 12:23

It was an incredible testament to Devon Grace's steady unraveling that he had chosen this man by sight to ask such a question to. Erin had asked to come along; he should have let her. The man - Galbreath, indeed! - thrust out a hand that had just been holding a flask. "Yes," Devon agreed, a corner of his lip curling in disgust, "It is without question."

He'd done weeks of research to find an excellent alternative school for Jael -- and now this? Their greeter was not only an astronomy professor, but pulling swigs from a flask at his side which no one else seemed to wonder at. To Devon, a flask represented a number of things, but more than any that when this man was drinking, he was typically doing it in secret, and therefore could be doing it almost anytime. It was low-class, it was dirty, it was highly suspicious for an educator, it was --

Naturally, the wine glass that usually accompanied him was of no consequence here. He was effective at his job, no longer directly a teacher with exception to the very rare Charms Theory Seminar, and most importantly, he was not this man.

"This is Jael Grace, my daughter," he informed the man Galbreath - lord - with a hand on her shoulder. Jael looked up at Galbreath and inspected his eyebrows. "She is in . . . Weir." He said the name of the house as though he almost disagreed with it.

Devon and Jael tap-tapped in unison, his dress shoes and her Mary-Janes clicking across the floor to a boy named "Kasper." He would be checking in as often as possible here for her, taking her home for all the holidays, and making sure Cassandra did, too. "Are you nervous?" he asked her, pushing a lock of that dark curtain back from her face.

Jael shook her head no. She was dressed today like a Christmas tree: Eve had been sneaking in to lighten the color on her dark green dress for months, now, so the color now was certainly leafy, and little cuffs of lace ran up her neck and onto the cuffs of her wrists. A nice green sash made its way around her waist and tied itself in a kind little bow at the side, and her stockings with black with tiny green sparkles everywhere but the knees. (Eve had also been slowly working on adding more glitter to Jael's closet, but she wore the knees through her tights so quickly - that foul dollhouse!) And in her hair, like the careful confectioner's rose atop a chocolate cake, she had a smooth green bow. Unsurprisingly (or so Eve would have said), Jael was receiving far more curious glances than the drunk professor.

"I'm just going to look around quickly, but then I'll be off," Devon told her, magically reducing the size of her suitcase so that it would sit easily at her side.

Jael nodded, but - to her father's amazement - her eyes filled up with tears. He awkwardly patted her on the head and repeated, "I'll just see all the tables. Speak with this boy, this . . . Kaspar."

She obediently turned her watery eyes to the other student's neck, and Devon began his careful inching away.

  • Disenchanted, I'm sureGrahame Galbreath, Thu Dec 24 03:21
    Galbreath, dodging in and out the milling crowd, continued to find his eyes drawn to Myrrh Blackwell, sitting at the head of the room. He thought he caught her eyes searching him out as well, though... more
    • Hardly charmed — Jael and Devon Grace, Thu Dec 24 12:23
      • EscapingKaspar O'Conner, Thu Dec 24 12:41
        Kaspar was on his to escape his father Kevin who was trying to figure out which girl was Lexie and why he son was so taken with her. Of course Kaspar couldn’t allow Father to figure it out so he... more
        • Me, tooJael Grace, Thu Dec 24 13:01
          Jael regarded the boy's nose, how smooth it looked right where it met the space between his eyes and forehead. That area was like a crossroads, she had noticed lately, especially on her dolls. Daddy... more
          • Then we can escape togetherKaspar, Thu Dec 24 13:13
            Kaspar frowned when the girl just said Hello, she was quiet and unsure of herself, much like Kaspar had when first coming here. Now he had Cora and Siggy the closest thing to best friends he ever... more
            • Got my suitcase!Jael Grace, Thu Dec 24 15:56
              Kaspar ducked from the sight of his father, and Jael swayed slightly on the spot, her frame pulled a little off-balance as she was still holding his hand, but otherwise her feet stayed on the ground. ... more
              • Good I'm packed too :)Kaspar, Sat Dec 26 12:18
                Kaspar looked down at the girl when she asked Now? Confused he glanced around and said. “What do you mean now?” He asked he didn’t mean to be rude or anything he was just confused by the little girl... more
                • OOCJael, Sat Dec 26 22:52
                  *points up* we moved up!! had to make some fun. check the royalty's thread! hope you don't mind i dragged you in!
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