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Then we can escape together
Thu Dec 24, 2009 13:13

Kaspar frowned when the girl just said Hello, she was quiet and unsure of herself, much like Kaspar had when first coming here. Now he had Cora and Siggy the closest thing to best friends he ever had. He ducked when he saw his father coming around to look. Once the coast was clear he turned back to Jael. He smiled sheepishly at her. “Sorry, I’m hiding from my father, he wants to lecture me.” He shifted nervously and then cocked his head to the side, closing his silver eyes. “Are you okay? You seem nervous, you shouldn’t be everyone in Weir is nice.” He smiled slowly.

Wondering if something was wrong with the girl, she was shorter then most of the children here at Aelcrest.He glanced over at the B parents they were just like their children which didn’t surprise Kaspar and was glad Kevin hadn’t tired to introduce him to the pureblood parents, he wondered if he should warn her about them or if she would become one of them.

  • Me, tooJael Grace, Thu Dec 24 13:01
    Jael regarded the boy's nose, how smooth it looked right where it met the space between his eyes and forehead. That area was like a crossroads, she had noticed lately, especially on her dolls. Daddy... more
    • Then we can escape together — Kaspar, Thu Dec 24 13:13
      • Got my suitcase!Jael Grace, Thu Dec 24 15:56
        Kaspar ducked from the sight of his father, and Jael swayed slightly on the spot, her frame pulled a little off-balance as she was still holding his hand, but otherwise her feet stayed on the ground. ... more
        • Good I'm packed too :)Kaspar, Sat Dec 26 12:18
          Kaspar looked down at the girl when she asked Now? Confused he glanced around and said. “What do you mean now?” He asked he didn’t mean to be rude or anything he was just confused by the little girl... more
          • OOCJael, Sat Dec 26 22:52
            *points up* we moved up!! had to make some fun. check the royalty's thread! hope you don't mind i dragged you in!
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