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Jael Grace
Got my suitcase!
Thu Dec 24, 2009 15:56

Kaspar ducked from the sight of his father, and Jael swayed slightly on the spot, her frame pulled a little off-balance as she was still holding his hand, but otherwise her feet stayed on the ground. She wasn't entirely sure what a lecture meant, or why his father wanted to lecture him, and gave him a slightly blank look, but didn't find it worth trying to ask about. Talking was inexplicably difficult for Jael. Usually it was the communicating part that was the hardest, but she just felt worn out by it. Everyone always expected her to be thinking something, and most of the time she just, well, wasn't.

"Okay," she agreed easily.

She could see Devon from the other side of the room, sleek like a cat and gothic and sallow. He had found a pretty young professor already, or perhaps someone's parent, and was laughing, giving that little smirk he had, touching her hair and so easily winning smile after smile. He had no difficulty communicating, especially with women. He reeked sex, Cassandra said, and Jael had formed one of her most concrete thoughts of the past year: Too bad Cassandra was with someone, because otherwise she could move in with them and things would be the same every day. Cassandra, Jael's Muggle babysitter with dreads that smelled like cumin, had accidentally stumbled into the Wizarding world when she applied for Jael's nannying job and told Devon she was a Witch (not realizing that there were brands of witches apart from the Wiccan ones).

Jael gripped Kaspar's hand a little more tightly. "My dad," she said, by way of explanation. Her mother had shipped her to him via courier when she was three years old. He said he vaguely remembered the woman, but the wine was sweet, and the salty sea air, and the stony white architecture . . .

With a great sigh, quite airy, Jael shifted her feet. "Now?" she asked, feeling there should be a medal given to her for her effort.

  • Then we can escape togetherKaspar, Thu Dec 24 13:13
    Kaspar frowned when the girl just said Hello, she was quiet and unsure of herself, much like Kaspar had when first coming here. Now he had Cora and Siggy the closest thing to best friends he ever... more
    • Got my suitcase! — Jael Grace, Thu Dec 24 15:56
      • Good I'm packed too :)Kaspar, Sat Dec 26 12:18
        Kaspar looked down at the girl when she asked Now? Confused he glanced around and said. “What do you mean now?” He asked he didn’t mean to be rude or anything he was just confused by the little girl... more
        • OOCJael, Sat Dec 26 22:52
          *points up* we moved up!! had to make some fun. check the royalty's thread! hope you don't mind i dragged you in!
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